Olive X-Press, a project in pursuit of crowdfunding to have your own mini-mill at home

Olive X-Press, a project in pursuit of crowdfunding to have your own mini-mill at home

2018/11/06 - Still in the prototype stage, the Olive X-Press machine uses a cold press to convert three kilos of olives into half liter of extra virgin olive oil in about 45 minutes. The project, promoted by the Israeli investment platform ExitValley, aims to obtain benefits via two channels: with the sale of this innovative kitchen robot and with a subscription service for users to receive fresh olives at home.
The development of this domestic mini-mill -highlights the North American magazine on gastronomic innovation The Spoon- has been carried out with an initial investment of 1.5 million dollars by a group of American investors, under the supervision of Zohar Kerem, Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. According to the platform of crowdfinding ExitValley, the project has already reached 386,000 dollars of crwofunding.

The operation is simple for the user. Fresh olives are introduced into the kitchen robot and an internal mechanism carries out the grinding, then it iniciates a process to extract the oil and, finally, thanks to its patented technology, the robot separates the oil. After passing through a filter, the resulting olive oil is stored in a transparent container ready for its culinary use.

As it appears in the description of the project, the technology developed by Olive X-Press consists of three patents registered exclusively for this purpose. One of them consists of the small pressing mechanism of olives; another is the technology that allows oil to be separated from water; and the third patent -biotechnology- is used to preserve the oil cells in olives in the long term.

Therefore, according to the company, the innovation lies both in the machine and in the extension of the useful life of the olives, which places the project before "an important commercial advantage". Its technology -considers by the company- is scalable from domestic use to commercial use (supermarkets, gourmet shops, restaurants...).

The project is also framed as a solution to the "problem" of the freshness and quality of olive oil, since the consumer has absolute control of the process, from the purchase of olives to the production of the extra virgin olive oil just produced, with the consequent preservation of the organoleptic values.
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