World consumption of olive oil increases by 49% in the last 25 years

World consumption of olive oil increases by 49% in the last 25 years

2018/09/05 - A report by Coldiretti presented at Cibus 2018 confirms the record growth of global olive oil consumption in the world that, in a single generation -25 years-, has increased by almost 49%. For the organization, the food pattern of the citizens of many countries is changing towards the Mediterranean Diet since it was declared a World Heritage Property by UNESCO.

According to the figures published in the Coldiretti study, drawn up with the latest data from the International Olive Council (IOC), a total of 2.95 million tons of olive oil were consumed in the world during 2017. Half of this consumption occurred in the countries of the European Union, with Italy (557,000 ttons) in the first place, followed by Spain -with 470,000 tons-. However, on the podium we also find the USA, with a consumption of 315 tons, a figure that has almost tripled (+174%) in the last 25 years, highlights Coldiretti.

For the organism, the healthy benefits associated with the consumption of olive oil endorsed by numerous scientific studies are those that have driven the demand of the growing segment of the world population that is attentive to the quality of the food they consume.

In Italy -explains Coldiretti on the basis of an ISMEA survey- 9 out of 10 households consume olive oil every day, following the food style based on the Mediterranean Diet, which has allowed the country to conquer the best records of longevity around the world. In fact, life expectancy of Italians has increased to 82.8 years, 85 for women and 80.6 for men.

Also, the remarkable growth of olive oil consumption around the world in the context of a generation has also occurred in other important countries. In Japan, consumption increased eight times, reaching 55,000 tons, while in Great Britain registered a growth of 247.6% to reach 58,400 tons. In Germany the increase was of 359.7% with 61,600 t. There has also been a revolution in the "family diet" in countries such as Brazil, where the increase was of 313%, reaching a total of 60,000 tons; Russia, with an increase of 233%, although the quantities are limited to 20,000 tons; Canada, with 39.5000 tons and an increase of 229%; and France, with an increase of 154%, exceeding 111,000 tons.

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