Beijing and Shanghai will host personalized meetings with Chinese importers in the framework of SIAL 2018

Beijing and Shanghai will host personalized meetings with Chinese importers in the framework of SIAL 2018

2018/08/03 - Organized by View Widen and with different conferences located in Beijing and Shanghai -the venue of celebration of SIAL 2018-, the set of meetings is presented as an opportunity to locate and get in touch individually and personally with buyers from the asian food sector. The event, with seven years of experience, guarantees an exclusive meeting environment.
The meetings are dated from 9 to 11 May in Beijing and from 14 to 16 May in Shanghai, a few days before the celebration of the great Asian food and drinks fair SIAL China 2018, which will take place from May 16 to 18 at the city of Shanghai, although the organization, View Widen, offers its services tailored to those interested.

Its objective is clear: to put sellers from all over the world in contact with potential Chinese buyers, in previously agreed and detailed meetings. An opportunity to find the target within the vast Asian market and set more business opportunities, if you plan to visit the fair.

The celebration of these meetings in different cities is not trivial. From View Widen they note the differences between the North and East China market. According to this organization, the market of the capital is very different from that of eastern China, with a marked preference for savory and strong flavors, with a much cooler climate and diverse business culture, among other aspects. In general, -they assure- the pekineses are direct, very dedicated to what they do and are well connected to each other. The most important operators in the market are state-owned companies, or derived from the state, which allow a large volume of business, but with less flexibility.

Regarding modern Shanghai, undoubtedly, it is the business center of the eastern market of the country, according to View Widen, and very much influenced by Western culture. It has a great commercial experience and many buyers have great knowledge of the market. Their business models are more flexible, their methods of operation are creative and they have a more global vision. They are open to accept new things, but they are very careful when selecting among so many options. In the East China market there is a lot of competition, therefore, finding the right position in the market and satisfying the needs of the buyer will be the key of success.
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