The XII Congress on Mediterranean Diet will analyze how to reduce childhood obesity with healthy patterns

The XII Congress on Mediterranean Diet will analyze how to reduce childhood obesity with healthy patterns

2018/14/02 - The XII International Congress on Mediterranean Diet, which will be held on 18 and April in the framework of Alimentaria 2018 in Barcelona, ​​will analyze how to reduce childhood obesity through appropriate eating patterns to move towards a healthier lifestyle.
The Mediterranean Diet Foundation, organizer of the Congress, emphasizes that Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest dietary patterns in the world, and that it has been included in the nutritional guidelines of the Department of Agriculture of the United States Government and in the clinical guidelines of the main American and European scientific societies such as the American Society of Cardiology (AHA), the American Society of Cerebrovascular Diseases (ASA) and the European Society of Cardiology (EHS), among others.

In this sense, a wide representation of specialists will speak in different sessions about feeding in the childhood stage, and will deepen on issues such as ways to follow the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet and on how to improve the current eating habits in children and young people.

In addition, the healthy effects of healthy eating from a cardiovascular point of view and the relationship between the Mediterranean Diet and diabetes in childhood will be addressed. Mental health will also be studied in relation to this model of healthy eating, as well as its effects on attention deficit disorder in children and adolescents, and the analysis of childhood obesity from the roots of the problem to its evolution in the future. The importance of a role model on adequate communication on the nutritional guidelines among the youngest will be another of the topics of debate in the congress, which will be chaired by Dr. Ramón Estruch.

Dr. Estruch is the Predimed coordinator, the largest multicenter nutritional intervention study conducted in Europe and in which research groups from all over Spain have participated. He has analyzed the efficacy of the Mediterranean Diet and its main components in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

This specialist is also a senior consultant in the Internal Medicine Service of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Cyber ​​Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (Ciberobn) of the Carlos III Health Institute, director of the Laboratory of Hypertension, Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk, associated with the Idibaps-Cellex, and member of the Advisory Committee of the European Foundation for Alcohol Research of the EU.
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