The Australian Olive Oil Production increases by 4,200% in the last 20 years

The Australian Olive Oil Production increases by 4,200% in the last 20 years

2018/09/02 - The Australian production of olive oil has increased by 4,200% in the last twenty years, according to data published by the International Olive Council (IOC), which also highlight the rate of consumption, imports and exports in that same period.

The figures confirm the progress of the olive sector in that country, according to The Olive Review, and point out that the consumption of olive oil in Australia stands at 41%, which means that Australians currently consume 34% more olive oil than in 1988.

Likewise, Australia exports 11% of its production of olive oil, a remarkable fact considering that the production activity began around 1997 and that in that period the production has increased from 500 tons at that time to 21,000 tons currently.

If the 1988-89 data are analyzed, local olive oil represented only 2% of the total consumed in the country. In less than a decade (2007-2008), this figure increased to almost 23% of consumption. Ten years later (2016-2017), almost half of the olive oil consumed in the country (41%) is produced in a local way.

Likewise, the consumption of this product from all sources has grown by almost 34%, going from 13,500 tons in 1990-1991 to 40,500 tons in 2016-2017.

In terms of exports, the figures also confirm the progress of the Australian sector, since in 2003 they accounted for only 1.45% of the total production, while, currently, more than 11% of its total capacity is sold outside the oceanic country.

Quality course in processing
On the other hand, on April 12 and 13 The Olive Center will organize in the Australian region of Victoria a specialization course that covers all areas of olive oil processing and will be taught by the expert in quality and production techniques, Pablo Canamasas.

Among some topics of interest, the organizers of this event emphasize that they will address recent research projects that have led to changes in the current technologies of olive oil production, but will also study the future transformations that are expected in this sector thanks to the latest advances.

The different extractive techniques focusing on quality agronomic aspects, handling control, temperature, centrifugation, product storage and tasting, among others will be discussed in the Olive Oil Processing & Quality Development Course.

Photo: Simon Field (Savantes).

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