The Olive Encyclopedists Society is presented in Athens

The Olive Encyclopedists Society is presented in Athens

2018/26/01 - A total of 29 expert researchers in the field of olive and olive oil have announced the creation of the Olive Encyclopedists Society, a forum that has been born in Greece to promote knowledge and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The co-writers, who contributed to the Olive Encyclopedia: The olive oil announced on January 23rd the establishment of the Olive Encyclopedists Society. The founding declaration was signed by 29 distinguished scientists, during a meeting held at the Harokopio University of Athens.

The main principles of the Society are: Interdisciplinary cooperation of all the disciplines associated with olive and olive oil; Osmosis of academia and those working in the olive industry, the educational and state institutions; Being an organization that functions with democracy, transparency, as well as scientific excellence; and the awareness that in Greece, the olive sector -and especially olive oil- is at a crucial crossroads. Therefore, the quest for innovation must be based on solid ground.

The Founding Declaration
We, the co-signatories of this declaration, came together and worked together for the creation of the “Olive Encyclopedia: the olive oil”. Being aware that the broadest possible interdisciplinary cooperation is extremely important for the benefit of the olive sector in Greece, we decide to make a step forward and take the initiative to establish the “Olive Encyclopedists Society” (Society).

I. Objectives
The main purpose of the Society is interdisciplinary cooperation, with the creation of an open discussion forum for the protection, development, and promotion of the olive sector, taking into consideration that the industry is at a crossroads and is facing a series of challenges.

More specifically, we highlight the importance of the osmosis of the academia, the olive businesses and the olive growers for the promotion of the coopetation of those sectors.

II. Funding
Bearing in mind that the olive sector has received lavish funding in the past, the Society underlines the importance of transparency, moderation, the best possible use of its resources for the benefit of the olive sector.

III. Members
Initially, members of the Society are in their own right all the co-writers of the Encyclopedia who wish to join. Later on, scientists of various disciplines, who have an academic / professional activity related to the olive sector, will be able to join.

The Society is absolutely neutral towards and religious, political/ party, racial differences.

The Society accepts members from all over the world. However, its seat will be in Greece (Athens) and its main working language is Greek.

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