Med Mag Oliva Algeria 2018, a business opportunity for companies interested in the attractive algerian market

Med Mag Oliva Algeria 2018, a business opportunity for companies interested in the attractive algerian market

2018/12/01 - From 7 to 10 March 2018, the International Fair of Olive, Olive Oil, Process and Derivatives of the Olive Tree (Med Mag Oliva 2018) will take place in Algeria at the Palais des Expositions-Pins Maritimes of Algiers, organized by Sam Global and whose Spanish participation has been delegated to the Algerian company Casa Mundo and the Spanish Circle of Algerian Spanish Affairs (CNEA).

In Algeria, the current crisis due to the vertiginous drop in the price of a barrel of oil has led to an increased and justified importance for agriculture, in order to reduce the need to resort to imported food products. Therefore, the Algerian government aims to improve the efficiency of the agricultural sector, through the introduction of technical measures such as the increase of irrigated areas over a million hectares, the promotion of mechanization, the introduction of new crops with high production potential, the massive creation of olive growing (which should reach 1 million hectares by 2019), the development of infrastructure (silos, cold rooms, etc.), as well as the strengthening of food industry.

This international exhibition, in its second edition in Algeria, represents a great opportunity for some Spanish companies. The temporary ban in 2018 on the importation of a large quantity of food products, forces us to make a strong bet on the Algerian agro-food industry, in which olive growing plays an important role.

The intention of CNEA and Casa Mundo, who manage the representation of Spanish companies, is to help those who decide to participate effectively to have clear business opportunities. That's why contacts are ongoing with olive oil companies in Algeria to see first what types of suppliers of machinery and equipment are trying to establish themselves in Europe and around the world.

The organizers call on the Spanish companies of the sector to make a group participation in which there are companies of agricultural equipment specialized in the olive grove; engineering that can realize turnkey industrial projects; laboratories working on product quality; manufacturers of machines for the industrialization of olive oil and companies related to the manufacture of machines for the production of cosmetic products from olive oil.

These are the major sectors of activity that will share the space with the entire Algerian olive oil sector. Indeed, the major Algerian olive oil companies have already confirmed their presence in this international exhibition. In Algeria, knowing the sector in which you direct your services and / or products is essential in a more intense way than in other countries. Business relationships are not fast and rely on trust. The added value of this fair is that all those involved in its development are not only in order to maintain it, but to build the necessary bridges to consolidate the business relationships that can result from it.

All companies interested can write here to the CNEA.

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