Final sprint for Olio Nuovo Days, which this year will feature Japan as its guest country

Final sprint for Olio Nuovo Days, which this year will feature Japan as its guest country

2018/04/01 - Paris is getting ready for Olio Nuovo Days, the first great gastronomic event of the year to discover the freshest extra virgin olive oil in restaurants, bakeries and other gastronomic centers of the French capital, to be held between January 16 and 20 .

In this third edition, Japan will be the country invited to the event, which will offer an exciting tour for EVOO lovers to discover juices from Spain, Italy, Greece, France and other regions. Each tasting point will be a pretext to discover the exceptional extra virgin olive oil in its freshest expression, through different chefs, tasting workshops and other activities.

EVOO Pairing
The promoter of Olio Nuovo Days, Emmanuelle Dechelette, has advanced exclusively to Mercacei that thie event will host
Toshiya Tada, President of the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ) and Organizer of Olive Japan, who will present the Japanese EVOO Toyo Olive.
This juice will be used by chef Julian Dumas at his restaurant Lucas Carton. It is the first time that a dinner paired only with Japanese EVOOs takes place in a restaurant in the West.

The EVOOs of Henri Mor will also be used in Le Chamarré Montmatre in a four-handed dinner by chefs Antoine Heerah and María José San Román (1 Michelin star, El Monastrell - Alicante)

María José San Román, speaking to Mercacei, has considered a "pride" to participate in this gastronomic initiative and has revealed details of the "challenge" that she will assume with a recipe of Béarnaise Sauce that she will elaborate in Paris with Henri Mor's EVOO of Arbequina variety.

It is, as she explained, a classic French recipe traditionally made with butter, but that will measure up with this new development that incorporates extra virgin olive oil. "There will not be any French who says that this sauce is not as good as the classic made with butter," says the renowned chef.

In addition, she has advanced that they will also prepare an ice cream in which they will not use neither sugar nor butter, but only EVOO of the Hojiblanca variety and honey, demonstrating that "our oilve oil is perfectly competitive" in the stoves with another type of fats of animal origin.

On the other hand, O-MED's EVOOs will be used by Chef William Lamagnère at La Closerie des Lilas.
New uses of extra virgin
The third edition of Olio Nuovo Days, in addition to incorporating the best EVOOs in the world to the kitchens of the most influential chefs in Paris, will also discover other uses of olive juice such as massages with fresh oil or painting with olive oil, among many other surprises.

Emmanuelle Dechelette, in a recent interview with Mercacei, assured that she created this event due to the lack of knowledge of consumers on the quality criteria applicable to this product, such as the organoleptic characteristics, the origin of the olive cultivation culture and its obtaining process. For this reason, Olio Nuovo Days seeks to value the work of both French and international producers and promote the excellence of EVOO.

Dechellete has detailed the objectives of this event, the news of its next edition, what producers can participate and the keys to its success. Among them, the following stand out: helping the consumer find his way in a growing supply of olive oil; expand and democratize the knowledge of EVOO; promote collaboration between producers and chefs, as they are influential personalities for the general public; and become the first meeting of the year for professionals and fans of olive juice.

Olio Nuovo Days provides answers to professional and non-professional consumers. The supply of olive oil has grown considerably to meet an existing demand, but the consumer still has the paradox of choice, she explained.

This initiative was released in 2016 during a single day, although due to its success and the growing demand from the public, the 2017 edition lasted for a week. In figures, a total of 20,000 people participated in the tastings carried out in delicatessen shops and had 50,000 direct (who went to the restaurants to taste the recipes) and indirect (followers of the chefs in social media, blogs that generated new prescribers) participants.
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