Oil Lightbox, the colors of olive oil

Oil Lightbox, the colors of olive oil

2017/28/11 - The headquarters of Viabizzuno Spain in Madrid hosted on November 23 the presentation of Oil Lightbox in a particular tasting of EVOOs and wines with the aim of appreciating their chromatic qualities thanks to this innovative tool created in 2015 that allows its interpretation from a totally different perspective.

Under the name "The colors of oil," and presented by the journalist Sergio Sauca -a passionate about the world of wine- with the collaboration of the photographer and communicator Albertina Torres, the event held on November 23, brought together the study of chromatic values thanks to the Lightbox technology and the tasting of four wines and three excellent EVOOs of the association Grandes Pagos de Olivar de España, starting with the softest flavor and ending with the most intense: Aubocassa, from Bodegas Roda, La Boella Premium Coupage (arbequina, arbosana and koroneiki) and Marqués de Griñón Picual 2017.

Created in 2015 by Viabizzuno Spain, a prestigious company dedicated to the manufacture of luminaires design and the realization of lighting projects under the highest quality standards, the Oil Lightbox is a portable light box composed of five aluminum profiles with temperature of oscillating color and a base covered by a white polycarbonate that allows to analyze the colors of the oil or the wine. The aim is to contemplate extra virgin olive oil or wine from another perspective, being able to perceive the different nuances and its si characteristic lights. Designed expressly for the purpose of revealing the personality and undressing both of this products and showing their most intimate tones, it took two years of tests to conclude which is the most appropriate light intensity (4,500º K) and decipher their chromatic layers, all the color palette that arises when leaning a glass on the white surface. Without any doubt, another way of interpreting EVOO beyond its aromas or flavors.

Well-known vine growers such as Álvaro Palacios and Carlos Falcó, among others, have already participated in the Wine Lightbox events -Oil Lightbox has just premiered- to present their wines, while the Riedel firm has also joined the project by providing tasting glasses -in the case of Oil Lightbox they have been created by the National Glass Center of La Granja- and Samsung is in charge of the technology, with state-of-the-art mobile phones and 4K ultra-high definition wi-fi screens. It must be noted that during these sessions the image is projected on the screen while comparisons of the juices and wines tasted are made, allowing to interpret the visual differences according to the harvest or vintage, and even between the different varieties or production zones.

For Xandra Falcó, General Director and CEO of Pagos de Familia Marqués de Griñón, "it has been an inspiring experience, the light box can become an ideal complement for the classification of EVOOs. Since our inception we have highlighted the importance of color in any food, including extra virgins, contributing to the increasingly frequent tasting in transparent glass." In her opinion, "Oil Lightbox is a great step forward in the identification and classification of color, contributing to the spreading of extra virgin olive oil culture."

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