New study about Olive Pomace Oil in Frying

New study about Olive Pomace Oil in Frying

2017/04/10 - Oriva, the brand that represents the Olive Pomace Oil Interprofessional, is collaborating again with the CSIC in the study "Behavior of the olive pomace oil in frying and its comparison with conventional sunflower oils and high-oleic sunflower oil," after launching an investigation about the possible beneficial effects of this product on the prevention and progression of Alzheimer's disease. On this occasion, the research is carried out by the ICTAN - Institute Of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, under the direction of Gloria Márquez, a scientific researcher specializing in frying oils.
As reported by the Interprofessional, the study aims to present contrasted evidence on how olive pomace oil is more resistant and healthy to fry different foods, compared to other fats commonly marketed for frying. It also analyzes bioactive compounds that are good for health, both in olive pomace oil and in foods that are fried with it.

From this point of view, Gloria Márquez, responsible for the project, has emphasized that the frying behavior of olive pomace oil, in relation to conventional and high-oleic sunflower oils, "has not been evaluated in rigorous and systematic scientific studies." In addition, Márquez pointed out that, considering its composition and physical-chemical characteristics, in this study "we expect better results for olive pomace oil, because of its high content of oleic acid compared to conventional sunflower oil."

In her opinion, olive pomace oil presents beforehand over other oilsthe advantage of possessing a high content in compounds such as squalene and phytosterols, which acquire a protective effect in frying. Thus, "olive pomace oil can be an excellent alternative to sunflower oils and yet it is little known. Hence the interest in going deeper in their scientific study," says the researcher.

The Interprofessional has stated that Márquez has an extensive experience in the study of frying oils, in relation to their stability, quality and composition; and has developed new analytical methods, with excellent applications in the catering sector, small establishments and collective canteens, also addressing the subject of the digestibility of frying oils and their compounds, currently in animals.

With this study, which will develop for seven months, researcher seek to determine the scientific basis that proves that olive pomace oil is the most suitable in domestic and industrial frying.
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