Liquid Gold, London's Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cave

Liquid Gold, London's Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cave

2017/20/07 - The authentic refuge of the Greek EVOO in London is a cave. On the banks of the Thames, Liquid Gold Cave (Liquid Gold Products Ltd.) is a delightful boutique shop specializing in EVOO and high-quality Greek products run by a former neurologist enthusiast of extra virgin and fascinated by the healthy benefits of the traditional Cretan diet.

A pleasant visit to Crete, while enjoying a sabbatical year, transformed the life of Dr. Stavia Blunt. At this beautiful place, this ancient neurologist -she practiced this profession in London between 1994 and 2012- half Greek and half English born and raised in Kenya discovered that the lifestyle of the Cretans, including their particular traditional diet, provided important health benefits that should be promoted and more widely known. In 2010 Liquid Gold Cave opened its doors, the London cave of Hellene liquid gold on the banks of the Thames river.

The experience accumulated since then by this EVOO-lover and admirer of the Mediterranean way of life when it comes to olive oil is quite extensive, according to her. "I have taken several courses of olive oil tasting and I have had the author of one of the best-selling books on the subject as my personal coach. I have also learned a lot about olive horticulture and EVOO production. I would say that I am an expert on olive oil, and I am particularly interested in its health benefits."

In her establishment of Greek gourmet health foods from "the world's healthiest diet", there are two assistants trained personally by Dr. Blunt, Anna Siemiasczko, manager of Liquid Gold Cave, and Eleftheria Karipidi (Sales & Marketing), "who is Greek and has grown consuming olive oil," says the owner and CEO of Liquid Gold Products.

Something -extra virgin culture- of what the British consumer is lack of. "In England there is still a lot of ignorance about olive oil, and the supply of EVOO is very small. As for quality, it is also generally poor, although it is improving. My store focuses not only on supplying the best olive oil, but on educating people about this wonderful product," Blunt says.

Only Greek EVOO
In Liquid Gold Greek EVOO is the absolute protagonist. "All my olive oils are from Greece. They are EVOOs of the highest quality obtained from the main producers in Crete and in the south of the Peloponnese. I concentrate on juices from the last crop with very low acidity -usually <0.3 ° at bottling- and excellent organoleptic properties." Most of them are PDO (PDO) and PGI (PGI) juices, with a large presence of certified extra virgins.

Here, in this arched and reconverted enclosure that resembles a typical cave of the Greek island of Santorini, the decoration and arrangement of the establishment complement the delicatessens sold there. The EVOOs occupy one side of the store, organized according to their geographical location within the Hellenic country and the olive variety, and each of them is accompanied by a brief description about their tasting and uses.

So far two Courses of Olive Oil Tasting and a Cretan Cookery Day have been organized, and there is also a Greek Dining Club where EVOO shares a leading role with food, wine and traditional Greek music and dance.

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