Goldlis, Orodeal and Molino Alfonso, the most stunning EVOOs according the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards

Goldlis, Orodeal and Molino Alfonso, the most stunning EVOOs according the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards

2017/26/05 - Once again, in addition to awarding the 100 best EVOOs on the planet, the International EVOOLEUM Awards aims to reflect the creative revolution that has experienced the sector in recent years: the one related to packaging, in other words, the presentation and careful design of the containers containing the precious liquid gold. That is why the EVOOLEUM Awards for Best Packaging of EVOO -a reference in the competitions of these characteristics- recognize the best designs in the categories of Best Design EVOO Premium (Goldlis), Best Innovative Design (Orodeal) and Best Design in Retail (Molino Alfonso Empeltre).

The evaluation process and final deliberations by the jury -specifically selected for these awards dedicated to packaging- were held on Thursday in the restaurant El Invernadero de los Peñotes, a space within the avant-garde center of gardening Los Peñotes in La Moraleja (Alcobendas, Madrid).

The interior designer and decorator Pepe Leal; the famous fashion designer Ángel Schlesser; Chef and restaurateur Javier Bonet, creator of reference spaces in Madrid as Sala de Despiece; the style director and fashion communicator Ana López de Letona; the journalist and blogger Teresa de la Cierva, member of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy; the founding partner and director of The TELVA Cooking School Sesé San Martín; and the businesswoman and influencer, Cayetana Vela, creator of the first luxury digital company in Spain, LuxuryComm, and the blog Miss & Chic; form a jury of openly multidisciplinary character and recognized prestige in each of its areas of action, with talent and creativity as a common link.

Packaging EVOOLEUM Awards

The Packaging EVOOLEUM Awards are divided into three categories: Best Design EVOO Premium, Best Innovative Design and Best Design in Retail. In the first category, the winner -Gold Medal- has been Goldlis (Aceites Lis) for its "renewed classic design, its elegant and sober case, the subtlety of the chosen typography and the correct ergonomics of the container", according to the jury. The Silver Medal has reverted on Centonze - Case di Latomie "Chiaro Di Luna" by Azienda Agricola Centonze (Italy), "with a compact packaging that resembles a high-end perfume, a timeless design that shuns fashion and claims its origins"; while the Bronze Medal has been for Agustín Fornós Premium (Agustín Fornós) for its "differentiating concept, its classic forms and the subtle screen-printing of its packaging".

In the category of Best Innovative Design, the Gold Medal has been for Orodeal, Aceites Algarinejo SCA, "for its striking, powerful, novel image and very representative of the creativity of the 21st Century." Olidays (Son Mesquidassa) won the Silver Medal for "the clever match of a vintage photography in black and white and an eye-catching golden typeface in relief, evoking the nostalgic memories of family vacations"; while Olibaeza, from SCA Del Campo "El Alcázar", won the Bronze Medal for his "new combination of porcelain packaging with a handmade wooden plug", in addition to being highly valued the incorporation of "Mediterranean colors that recall the typical houses of the Greek coast".

Finally, in the category of Best Design in Retail, Molino Alfonso Empeltre, by Almazara Molino Alfonso was awarded with the Gold Medal, "for reinventing the concept of elegance in a complicated format like the can, for its successful selection of colors, transmitting its careful and handmade content". Capricho del Fraile Coupage (Fraile - Llanos De Castillejo S.L.), was recognized with the Silver Medal "for its impeccable aesthetics, the comfort of its format and its clean graphic elements." The Bronze Medal went to Campolea (Hacienda Salvador Díaz) in response to "its careful design, the olive green tones of its serigraphy, the solidity of the chosen format and the comfort of its use".

Just as the EVOO TOP100 brings together the 100 best extra virgin olive oils in the world, all EVOOs awarded at the Packaging EVOOLEUM Awards will feature in the 2017/18 edition of the EVOOLEUM World's TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide, published in Spanish And English on paper and app, through a complete descriptive and informative file of each of the awarded juices accompanied by an image of the package.

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