The Evooleum OliveClub Pack is here, an exclusive jewel dedicated to EVOO-lovers

The Evooleum OliveClub Pack is here, an exclusive jewel dedicated to EVOO-lovers

2017/15/03 - OliveClub has created the Evooleum OliveClub Pack, a new project aimed at extra virgin olive oil lovers that contains a selection of the best EVOOs in the world included in the EVOOLEUM World's TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide.

The idea of ​​launching this initiative to give visibility to the best EVOOs in the world arose in 2016. "It was a unique project, since it had never been carried out, and it was also a great challenge, not without responsibility. We had to match the image of all the actors in the case," OliveClub Manager, Ricardo Rodríguez, says to Mercacei.

Rodríguez has pointed out that the project, born with a strong international vocation, arose from the idea of ​​a pentagonal prism. "That was very clear, even before we knew if it could be done," he highlights, while detailing that they have also had the support of the firm Gourmedia, in terms of design and image, and of JMPack Envases y Embajales in the technical part.

The Manager of OliveClub -who thanked the award-winning producers for their collaboration- has highlighted that the objective of this pack is the dissemination of those extra virgins recognized in the EVOOLEUM International Contest that have been included in the EVOOLEUM Guide in order to reach extra virgin olive oil lovers and not only the professional sector and foodies, but all of those consumers who "will be able to have in their hands a unique product to taste with friends or the perfect gift."

The pack -which can be purchased at the moment at the OliveClub online store- contains 10 precious bottles of 50 ml. of the EVOOs Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar Picual, Nobleza del Sur-Centenarium Premium, Castillo de Canena Royal Temprano, Quaryat Picual, Venta del Barón, Morellana, Monterosso, Cortijo la Torre, La Gramanosa Zumo 2016 and Campolea Premium, incorporating the original label of the product adapted to this special size.

"I think we've done the hard part: the first Evooleum OliveClub Pack. I'm sure that this year's winners will demand a product like this," concludes Rodríguez, who highlights that this pack will soon be available for sale in gourmet stores along with the EVOOLEUM Guide.

You can order it here.

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