Spain's most representative exported product during the past year was olive oil

Spain's most representative exported product during the past year was olive oil

2016/23/05 - The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) has updated the indicators of the food industry in the period 2014-2015; and for the third consecutive year it has published sectoral data sheets with the 13 subsectors analyzed, including fats and oils. According to the report, in 2014, net sales of food and beverage industry product amounted to 93,396 million euros, representing an increase of 2.1% over 2013. Of this figure, ranking second, behind the meat industry, appears the subsector of fats and oils, which accounted for 11%, with 10,262 million euros.
The report details the number of companies in the field of fats and oils and their distribution by stratum of employees amounted to 1,599, of which 237 were for companies without employees.

As for the legal personality of companies, the data show that 1.5% were individuals; 50% corporations; 33.3% LLCs; and 15.2% other forms, of which 12.1% were cooperatives and 3% Agricultural Transformation Societies.

By territorial distribution, and regarding the first three autonomous regions, highlight in net sales Andalusia (51% over the total of the sector), Catalonia (24%) and Murcia (10%); by employees appear Andalusia (58%), Catalonia (145%) and Castilla-La Mancha (8%); and by added value are Andalusia (63%), Catalonia (16%) and Castilla-La Mancha (5%).

Also, the number of persons employed in the sector of oils and fats stood at 11,874 in 2014, representing 2.1% less than during the previous year and 3.4% on the total of the food industry. In addition, product net sales amounted to 10,262 million euros (+ 19.7%), the added value to 1,056 million euros (-3.8%), purchases of raw materials to 8,794 million euros (+34 %) and personnel costs to 394 million euros (+ 7.9%).

The report also presents the ranking of the top 10 companies from the Annual Report Publications Alimarket 2015-Oils and Margarines, Sauces and Spices, Seasonings and Dressings, which include Migasa, Deoleo, Dcoop, Mondelez Spain, Sovena Spain, Aceites del Sur-Coosur, Aceites Borges Pont, F. Faiges, Grupo Ybarra Alimentación and Agro Sevilla Aceitunas S. Coop. And.

Regarding foreign trade in 2015, the report noted that the ratio value of exports of the sector's turnover is 39.9%, having decreased compared to 2014 by 42.7%. Specifically, the most representative exported product during the past year was olive oil (2.825 million euros, of which most were for extra virgin olive oil).

Meanwhile, the most representative products imported in 2015 were oils -not olive- (1,336 million euros) and olive oil (631 million euros, of which the majority is virgin olive oil).
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