Buy Olivatessen by Mercacei

Buy Olivatessen by Mercacei

Olivatessen by Mercacei is an innovative publication in English, with a print-run of 15.000 copies, dedicated exclusively to promote the culture of EVOO and value its producers.

This publication, which is published annually, communicates in an attractive and enticing manner, by means of evocative articles, contents which will help broaden awareness about this product and encourage consumption. Therefore it contributes to making EVOOs the “It” product by way of an elegant design and inventive layout, with modern and cosmopolitan concepts.

You can find Olivatessen by Mercacei in Olivatessen’s booth at Foodex (Japan), Summer Fancy Food Show (New York), SOL (Verona), Olio Officina Food Festival (Milan), Alimentaria (Barcelona) and Madrid Fusion (Madrid). Its online version will be available at www.mercacei.com (with 600.000 monthly page views) and www.olivatessen.com, and will be included in Mercacei’s daily Newsletter which is sent out to 15.000 professionals worldwide.

Olivatessen by Mercacei is also distributed in Gourmet shops in the capitals of Europe, Asia and North and South America; Thematic, Mediterranean and Michelin Star Restaurants; Brokers, distributors and traders of olive oil worldwide; HORECA Channel; a selection of commercial distributors; Boutique hotels; Culinary associations and cooking schools and Final consumer.