FB Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta: 'I've always been a fan of Extra Virgin Olive Oil'

FB Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta: "I've always been a fan of Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

2015/19/11 - Author of the most important goal in the history of Spanish soccer, Andrés Iniesta Luján is pure talent, wrapped in an aura of simplicity and humility. A quality that the Spanish player of FC Barcelona seeks to transfer into the wine world with the wines from Bodega Iniesta, and now into the olive oil sector with his brand Corazón Loco Óleo (Crazy Heart Oil). In an interview in exclusive for Mercacei Magazine, the genius of FC Barcelona talks about one of his passions, extra virgin olive oil, star of his latest business project. His answers are like his football style: short and direct.

Bodega Iniesta, property of the Iniesta Luján family, has entered the world of EVOO with Crazy Heart Oil. How did you create this initiative and why did you choose that name for your brand?
Since we started with the project of Bodega Iniesta our dream was to make our own olive oil. Crazy Heart is the name of our most casual and youngest line of wines. It is the name that the public identifies with Bodega Iniesta and that is why we found appropriate to extend this concept to the line of olive oils.

Where does Crazy Heart Oil come from?
We grow its olives in our estate El Carril, in Fuentealbilla, situated in the southeastern of Spain, and the juice comes from the Arbequina olives the we have at the moment, being the the only variety grown nowadays in our fields.

How do you define Crazy Heart Oil? What market segment and type of public does it address?
Olive oil is a staple element in the Mediterranean diet and at home we have always been madly in love with this product. Crazy Heart Oil is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality made with love and dedication in Bodega Iniesta and it is aimed at a public who seeks to enjoy the pleasures of consuming quality products.

In your opinion, what are the main similarities and differences between the world of wine and oil, among the wine sector and the olive sector?
Everything in the world of wine and the world of oil is done very carefully, with dedication and knowledge in order to obtain the highest quality since the moment we plant the seeds. And that is the illusion that we share in Bodega Iniesta from day one.

What does Extra Virgin Olive Oil suggest to Andrés Iniesta? What memories or experiences associated with this product do you keep in mind?
Certainly eating a slice of bread with olive oil before lunch, I always did this when I was a little kid.

Do you know about the healthy, nutritional and culinary properties of this key food of the Mediterranean Diet?
Yes of course. Olive oil is an essential element of the Mediterranean diet that helps maintain a healthy and balanced diet, it's a "must" for everyone.

Do you know how to distinguish a good EVOO? What are your favorite varieties? Do you prefer a monovarietal or blend?
Always monovarietal. Arbequina olives which produce Crazy Heart Oil are my favorite.

It is well known that professional athletes care much about food. What role does extra virgin olive oil play in the diet of a high-level athlete, in this case, a soccer player? Is EVOO a common ingredient in their daily diet?
Of course. This product is essential. I've always been a fan of extra virgin olive oil. It brings a touch of quality and flavor to any dish.

What future projects do you have in mind related to your brand of olive oil?
We are focussed on consolidating both the domestic and the international market.

By the way, what FC Barcelona teammates understand more about olive oil, other than you?
In the changing room there are many colleagues with good taste for food that appreciate a good extra virgin olive oil.

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