2015/02/09 - A consortium formed by an Asian investment fund, the Chinese government and countless farmers -every Chinese citizen holds the fifth of a hectare (ha.) as crop-surface- has launched a pilot operation which consists on planting 1,000 ha. each year up to a total of 20,000.
2015/02/06 - As the only professional international exhibition of olive oil and edible oil, Oil China will offer -besides hosting the 10th China International Olive Oil Competition- its exhititors brand promotion, product demonstrations, business meetings, and workshops dedicated to olive oil.
2015/02/05 - Madrid Fusion closed its doors yesterday celebrating the last phase of the XII edition of the Cooking with Olive Oil Award "Jaén, Inner Paradise", sponsored by the Province of Jaén, whose first prize went to the Spanish chef Xanti Elías, from Acanthum restaurant, in Huelva, for his recipe French toast with Olive and choco with croaker cococha and its skin.
2015/02/04 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes will return to Manhattan from 25 to 27 February, bringing some of the best extra virgin olive oils from around the world for participants to taste, expanding their tasting knowledge, skills and experience.
2015/02/03 - Each year, the DGCCRF launchs a control plan to maintain active surveillance on the olive oil sector.
2015/02/02 - The European Commission (EC) has adopted a regulation which reorganizes monthly rates of olive oil exempt from tariffs that Tunisia can export between February 1st and October 31st of 2015. This decision has increased exports from the African country from 5,000 to 18,000 tons in the period of time between February and March -9000 tons per month-.
2015/01/30 - The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) held a meeting of the Olive Oil and Table Olives Sectoral Table in which they confirmed that the production of olive oil has reached 598,700 tons to 31st December 2014.
2015/01/29 - The competition, aims to raise the profile of typical, quality extra-virgin olive oils of the Mediterranean area, strengthening their image especially on foreign markets and offering the production chain an opportunity for positive competition that can lead to improvement in oil quality, as well as enhancing the product’s image.
2015/01/28 - Flos Olei, the Italian guide to the world best extra virgin olive oils, edited and published by Marco Oreggia, journalist, critic and expert food and wine taster -with the collaboration of Laura Marinelli, also journalist and expert taster- calls, once again, the reception of samples of the best international juices.
2015/01/27 - The California State Fair is expanding its commercial competitions for 2015 to include a competition for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Of all the olive oil produced in the United States, California produces 99 percent and the California State Fair is seeking to find the best from California.