2018/13/02 - Japan, the fifth largest international market for the food industry, opens up new opportunities for the olive oil sector at the Supermarket Trade Show, the main trade fair in Asia, which is held from tomorrow until February 16 in Tokyo.
2018/12/02 - Biofach, the World Fair of Organic Foods that will be held from February 14 to 17 in Nuremberg (Germany), will include in this edition new features such as the World of Experiences dedicated to olive oil and the challenge of flavor. Visitors will thus have a neat perception of the most "powerful" sector, both visually and sensually, according to the organization of the fair.

2018/09/02 - The Australian production of olive oil has increased by 4,200% in the last twenty years, according to data published by the International Olive Council (IOC), which also highlight the rate of consumption, imports and exports in that same period.
2018/08/02 - The next edition of the Montoro Olive Tree Trade Fair, which will take place in Montoro (Córdoba) between May 16 and 19, will bring together a wide range of commercial offerings and will once again become a key meeting point for discovering innovations in machinery, technological advances and research projects. In an interview with Mercacei, the Mayor of this town, President of the Montoro Olive Tree Trade Fair Consortium and the Spanish Association of Municipalities of Olivo (AEMO), Ana María Romero, anticipates in exclusive the novelties of this edition.
2018/07/02 - The latest data from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (Mapama) highlight that Spain leads the organic olive oil production sector worldwide. This country -with more than 197,000 hectares destined to this type of production- had 29.3% of the total organic surface dedicated to this crop in the world in 2015 and that percentage stood at 33% in 2016, according to this estimates.
2018/06/02 - The International Olive Council (IOC) points out that for the second year in a row Spanish olive oil leads the US market in trading volumes. In addition, our country dominates the bulk market and gains volumes in the case of bottling.
As Mercacei announced one year ago, the prestigious "World's Best Olive Oils" ranking, created in 2012 by the German taster expert Heiko Schmidt, based on the results of the main extra virgin olive oil international competitions in both hemispheres -taking as reference the Mario Solinas Prize of the International Olive Council-, has completely modified the punctuation form of the individual competitions from this edition.
2018/02/02 - A selection by Marcello Scoccia, Vice President and head of the Italian National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters (ONAOO, in its Italian acronym) for Olivatessen by Mercacei, now on sale.
2018/31/01 - The abundant rains of the years 1996 and 1997 created the breeding ground so that in 1998 there was the greatest anthracnose epidemic in the olive tree known in recent decades, but it also served to intensify the studies of this pathogen.
2018/30/01 - The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines olive oil and virgin oil in the following terms: "olive oil" as "a yellowish green fatty liquid, obtained by pressing the olives"; and "virgin oil", such as "olive oil obtained by first cold pressing". These definitions, "outdated and anachronistic" create confusion over the consumer, according the Professor of Marketing and Market Research of the University of Jaén and President of the Economic and Social Council (CES) of the province, Manuel Parras Rosa, in an exclusive statement to Mercacei.