2014/12/17 - Commissioned and supervised by the management of the International Olive Council and coordinated by Maria Isabel Gómez from the IOC Statistics Department, this international study has been led by two experts with a solid track record in the subject area, José María Penco and Juan Vilar, who have drafted the study and its conclusions.
2014/12/16 - The BIOL Prize – For the best extra virgin olive oil from organic farming – was established by C.I.BI. – Italian Consortium for Organic Sector – in 1996 and is awarded annually on the basis of the judgment of an international panel. The best olive oils selected as winners of gold and silver medals are published in a guide available on the official website of the event www.premiobiol.it which contains the sensory profile of each sample analyzed.
2014/12/15 - As of 13 December 2014, new EU food labelling rules, adopted by the European Parliament and the Council in 2011, will ensure that consumers receive clearer, more comprehensive and accurate information on food content, and help them make informed choices about what they eat, including olive oil.
2014/12/12 - The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) has conducted a study on the typology and socio-demographic profile of consumers of organic food in Spain, which shows that the percentage of consumers who purchased or acquired organic food with their badge has increased slightly, representing almost a third of the Spanish population.
2014/12/11 - The Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, through the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IFAPA) agreed yesterday with QvExtra! International to develop joint activities in scientific research, technological development and training to promote the culture of quality extra virgin olive olis.
2014/12/10 - This cultural event created by Luigi Caricato, writer, expert in EVOO and author of several books dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, hold its fourth edition in the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan between 22 and 24 January.
2014/12/09 - The International Fair SIAL Canada, to be held in Toronto from 28 to 30th April 2015, will host a new edition of the Olive d'Or, the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award, which in 2014 was attended by over 110 EVOOs from 14 countries.

2014/12/05 - Designed by producers Franci Giorgio and Marco Viola, Opera Olei is an innovative project that unites six Italian territories and exalts six monovarietal EVOOs of the highest quality with a great personality and a modern design.

2014/12/04 - It is twenty years since we published the first Mercacei Magazine... Two decades deserve a big celebration and the best way to do this is with all the people who we appreciate and admire. And so it has been. We have celebrated in style this twenty years inviting all of our friends and some of the best professionals of this sector to offer us their vision of how the industry has changed over the years.
2014/12/03 - The International Olive Council (IOC) expects a global production of olive oil in 2014/15 of 2,393,000 tons, representing a decrease of 26.8% compared to the previous season.