2015/07/16 - Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, hosted yesterday the Ceremony of the Best EVOOs of the 2014/15 Campaign Awards, organized by the Ministry in the categories of Conventional Production and Organic Production. In the event, held at a headquarters of Madrid, the Minister said that olive oil is recognized as the staple food of the Mediterranean diet and is nowadays "the best image of the Brand Spain."
2015/07/15 - United States is the most important foreign trade market of olive oil fon Spain outside the European Union. This is a very competitive market, whose first direct supplier is Italy. However, Spanish exports continue following an upward trend
2015/07/14 - There is a major optimism and positive expectations from companies in the value chain of the packaging sector regarding to their business results in 2015: 7 out of 10 are expecting a higher turnover compared to last year and almost a quarter of companies are forecasting growth of over 10%. This is reflected in the sector barometer, Hispack Packaging Trends, which gathered the views of almost 1,500 company representatives, experts and organizations involved in the packaging world.
2015/07/13 - As if it were a video game, visitors to Olive3D (to be held from 10 to 12 November) can move its avatars through this virtual exhibition dedicated to olive oil, table olives and oleotourism; go to stands and make business contacts without leaving their office. The only things you need are a computer with internet connection and a webcam.
2015/07/10- International expert Judy Ridgway will lead on November 5th in London a guided tasting of eight Spanish extra virgin olive oils. Doctor Simon Poole, of the British Medical Association will back her up in the event. As for the olive juices to be tasted, producers interested in participating can still register.
2015/07/09 - A group of engineers at the Electronics Unit for Sensory Systems of the Università Campus Bio-Medico of Rome has developed a portable device that can detect adulteration in olive oil in just 90 seconds. Its name is Oliver and, for now, it is only a prototype; however, as the University has indicated to Mercacei, there are several technology firms already interested in marketing it.
2015/07/08 - World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) is already warming its engines preparing its fifth edition, to be held on 9 and 10 March 2016, in Hall 1 in Ifema, Madrid.
2015/07/07 - World olive oil production in the current campaign, which began with a stock of 796,000 tons, has decreased by around 29% over the previous season. The reason? The fall in European countries (-42%), except for Greece and Cyprus, with Spain in the lead (-53%). This were some of the conclusions of the Olive Market Newsletter of June published by the International Olive Council (IOC).
2015/07/06 - A doctoral thesis by CTIC-CITA (Technological Meat Centre of La Rioja-Center for Innovation and Food Technology of La Rioja) has analyzed the characteristics of Rioja Chorizo with a surprising conclusion: percentages of unsaturated fatty acids present in Chorizo are similar to those in oil olive and salmon.
2015/07/03 - During May, the International Olive Council (IOC) published an open letter to the organizers of olive oil awards lo let them know that they plan to support those contests that met minimum requirements regarding sample representativeness and the skills of judges. Some of the most prestigious Spanish experts and tasters and organizers of several of the most recognized international competitions in the sector offered Mercacei their particular views on the initiative. Now it is the German taster, creator of the World's Best Olives Oils, Heiko Schmidt who offers his opinion on the matter.