2015/01/09 - The prestigious Great Taste Awards 2015, held in the United Kingdom, have recognized a dozen Spanish EVOOs with Gold Stars. These awards, organized by The Guild of Fine Food, promotes food and drinks of outstanding quality.
2015/31/08 - The world market for olive oil has grown considerably in the last 50 years. Consumption has increased from an average level of one million tonnes in the 60s to two million around mid 90s, reaching three million tonnes nowadays.
2015/28/08 - Olive oil is a flagship product for Spain, synonymous of tradition and health. However, this does not prevent us from the fact that the majority of consumers demonstrate a serious lack of product knowledge and even despise the attributes of extra virgin olive oil such as bitterness. Mercacei publishes today the last study of Consumolab which picks up consumer preferences in taste that may help to understand their complicated relationship with EVOO.
2015/27/07 - Portuguese researcher José Luis Penetra Cerveira Lousada (or the "tree datador", as he likes to be called), who works at the University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro (Vila Real, Portugal), has patented, along with his team, a formula that ensures the age of olive trees and ancient chestnut. Mercacei has interviewed him to get to know his job in detail.
2015/25/08 - World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) has announced a change in the dates of its fifth edition. Thus, the new dates have been advanced by one week (it was scheduled for 9 and 10th March 2016) and will be held days 2 and 3 of March in Hall 1 of Ifema, in Madrid. Once again, its aim is to present the first oils olive of the campaign, after a year in which much of the stored product has already been saled.
2015/24/08 - German gourmet magazine Selection-Das Forum für Genießer has awarded this year 19 Spanish extra virgin olive oils in its contest/tasting, an event organized since 2010 in order to find the best olive juices of the European Union (EU).
2015/07/22 - Javier Bardem has a weak point: extra virgin olive oil. He told us exclusively in the interview published in the first issue of Olivatessen by Mercacei. Today we offer this interview as we continue working on the contents of the second issue of Olivatessen, which will be released later this year. *
2015/07/21 - The growing demand for olive oil related tourism has found that the best attractions are the olive grove and olive oil routes. Thus, we offer exclusively some of the most beautiful olive routes in the world, included in the first issue of Olivatessen by Mercacei.
2015/07/20 - The European Commission (EC) has prepared a document with questions and answers about the bacteria that threatens the Mediterranean olive grove, Xylella fastidiosa. The text, which beggins with a description of the pathogen, reports the actions undertaken by the EC and explains how each citizen can help prevent its spread.
2015/07/17 - Olive oil market In Greece is experiencing an unprecedented and absolutely unique situation. Due to the imposed capital controls, bank transactions are not only difficult but extremelly restricted, respectively affecting any kind of commercial transaction in a variety of services and goods, including olive oil. Maria Tsakou, from Axion Agrotiki, the Greek publication specialized in olive oil has prepared a chronicle of the situation in the Hellenic country exclusively for Mercacei.