2017/28/09 - QvExtra! International organizes tomorrow in the Chamber of Commerce of Cordoba a training workshop in which to address the challenges facing the olive sector with a view to the upcoming 2017/18 campaign.
2017/02/10 - The President and CEO of Deoleo, Pierluigi Tosato, intervened last Friday in a training workshop organized by QvExtra! International in Cordoba, where he offered his personal point of view on the current business model of olive oil, a "very complicated" sector, in his opinion, in which his company "is playing with people who have marked cards."
2017/27/09 - The Coretta restaurant in Paris hosted last September 24th Pur Huile, an event dedicated to promote the excellence of extra virgin olive oil through a Menu prepared for the occasion by the chefs María José San Román (El Monastrell, Spain) and Beatriz González (Neva Restaurant, France), as well as tastings and talks by experts from the olive and food sector.
2017/26/09 - Agricultural innovation, price volatility and marketing standards are some of the main challenges that the European olive oil sector is facing, according to a report published by the European Union Parliament's Research Service (EPRS).
2017/25/09 - The growth trend of Paraguayan olive oil imports is positive with an increase rate in value of 41% between 2012 and 2016 (from US $ 1.5 million to US $ 2.2 million) and in volume of 21% (from 359,000 liters to 436,000 liters), according to the last study of ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones.
2017/22/09 - We have interviewed Professor Giovanni P. Martelli -one of the most authoritative voices to speak of this bacterium- about the current evolution of Xylella fastidiosa. According to his own words, the collaboration of the producers is essential to avoid the spread of this pest because, in theory, Andalusian olive groves are at risk against Xylella fastidiosa multiplex and Xylella fastidiosa pauca.
2017/21/09 - The Spanish Rural Development Program has granted aid of € 99,001 for the creation of Sensolive-Oil, a Supra-autonomous Operational Group for Innovation in Productivity and Agricultural Sustainability (AEI-AGRI), led by the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, which seeks to design the transfer of instrumental analysis technology to complement the Test Panel.
2017/20/09 - An innovative and different fat reaches the market. Its creator says it could replace palm oil in almost all industrial preparations and other products such as margarine or butter. Its goal is to offer EVOO a leading role in our diet. Behind the name Cremolì, it is a 100% natural fat -made and designed by the Italian company Mida +- composed of more than 80% olive oil and which maintains the beneficial and nutritional properties of this key product in the Mediterranean Diet.
2017/19/09 - From Mercacei we wanted to know first hand the first forecasts of the 2017/18 campaign in one of the main olive oil producing countries. According to the experts consulted, the persistent drought in Italy is hampering the initial expectations of harvest, which, on the contrary, is expected to be "good" in Tunisia from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
2017/18/09 - A Virginia Tech research team discovered that the olive-derived compound oleuropein helps the body secrete more insulin, a central signaling molecule in the body that controls metabolism.