2018/11/01 - The expansion of olive oil consumption throughout the world during the last decades has aroused the interest of the Asian giant for this product and its cultivation. After several attempts in recent years, the Chinese Government, in order to alleviate the poverty of rural populations, has promoted new plantations, placing the most important of them in the provinces of Gansu and Sichuan.

The keys to export to the USA by María Reyes, Director of Vendor Management at KeHE Distributors

2018/10/01 - The Director of Vendor Management at KeHE Distributors, María Reyes, has made this statement in an exclusive interview with the organizers of the World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE), which will be held next 21 and 22 of March in Madrid.
2018/09/01 - After years of waiting, Italy has just taken the first step. The most important olive-growing region of the transalpine country can boast its own Protected Geographical Indication: Olio di Puglia. On December 22, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy gave the green light to this project that is now awaiting ratification by the European Union (EU).
2018/08/01 - The fifth edition of the visual design and olive oil packaging contest Le Forme dell'Olio has awarded with the first prize in the category Best Label Award and the third prize in the category Gift Packaging Award the EVOOLEUM Pack designed by the Sevillian company OliveClub, which includes a selection of some of the best EVOOs in the world according to the results of the International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOOLEUM Awards.
2018/01/02 - The first edition of EVOOLEUM AWARDS bursted with great force in the international scene supported, among other reasons, by its extreme rigor and the spectacular Tasting Panel that constituted its Jury. After its consolidation in the previous edition, and with less than 20 days remaining for the end of the registration period, we speak about the third edition of this pioneer contest with its two great architects.
2018/05/01 - The Government of Greece, according to sources of the Hellenic sector confirmed by Mercacei, has followed the Spanish example and has given green light to a new regulation on packaging of olive oil in hotels and restaurants, a measure implemented in our country four years ago.
2018/04/01 - Paris is getting ready for Olio Nuovo Days, the first great gastronomic event of the year to discover the freshest extra virgin olive oil in restaurants, bakeries and other gastronomic centers of the French capital, to be held between January 16 and 20 .
2018/03/01 - A representation of international experts, together with delegations from different olive oil institutions from around the world, will analyze the reality of the olive oil sector in Sfax (Tunisia) between January 26th and 30th.
2017/29/12 - Spain dominates the Indian olive oil market, followed at a great distance by Italy, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia, its main competitors, according to a study by ICEX Spain Exports and Investments that analyzes the olive oil market in India in the context of the rest of vegetable fats.
The spectacular contents of Olivatessen by Mercacei, the first magazine in the world dedicated exclusively to extra virgin olive oil, are cooked over a low heat, from the moment the previous issue comes to light. A delicate job that requires perseverance, dedication and talent. The result? Olivatessen # 4, an unrepeatable number.