2018/15/03 - Launched by Arysta, the Olive Excellence Center is the largest technological exchange platform in the olive grove. It is based on a network of alliances with strategic partners in the sector, among which the University of Córdoba (UCO) stands out with a key role in the development of the entity.
2018/14/03 - For decades attempts were made to turn olive waste into animal feed. However due to problems with palatability, digestibility, and safety it has never been commercially viable. Now an Irish company has managed to solve these difficulties by creating a nutritious, digestible and safe feed for cattle, while generating a more healthy, tasty and tender meat for the final consumer.
2018/13/03 - The research project developed by Peruvian scientist and olive expert Gianfranco Vargas Flores on "The Cultivation of Olive Trees in Peru: South American Olive Heritage" is the germ of the Sudoliva project that, through a competition and a research project will determine the age of the Peruvian olive groves, promoting the heritage of monumental olive trees. Now the project will be also extended to Argentina.
2018/12/03 - The XIV edition of the Deoleo Report analyzes the situation of the olive sector and calls for a redisign of the current production and marketing model of olive oil, which has led to "the devaluation of the product". The company defends the integration with the production, while it considers that "only betting on the value against the price and volume strategy" the olive oil sector can grow both in Spain and in foreign markets.
2018/09/03 - Under the slogan "Logistics and Agricultural Markets", from April 24 to 28, the 13th edition of the International Agriculture Show of Morocco (SIAM) will take place in Meknès-Mequínez (Morocco). Its organizers expect a good attendance record as it is the main fair for the sector in the African continent and the meeting point of the whole agricultural field in Morocco.
2018/08/03 - Organized by View Widen and with different conferences located in Beijing and Shanghai -the venue of celebration of SIAL 2018-, the set of meetings is presented as an opportunity to locate and get in touch individually and personally with buyers from the asian food sector. The event, with seven years of experience, guarantees an exclusive meeting environment.
2018/07/03 - The III International Congress on Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil and Health will take place from May 18 to 20 at the Íbero Museum in Jaén. The new edition of this international symposium will bring together the latest scientific evidence linking virgin olive oils and health and will develop an intense informative activity to spread this knowledge throughout society.
2018/06/03 - Under the title "The olive oil sector of the EU, promoting innovation and sustainability", Copa-Cogeca and the European Parliament will organize a high-level conference in Brussels tomorrow, March 7, bringing together leading experts from the entire european sector and will be attended by the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan. The objective of the event is to analyze the success factors of the olive sector in the European Union and identify options for its development in the coming years.
2018/05/03 - On the occasion of the celebration of the VII edition of the World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE), the World Meeting of Olive Oil, the Golden Room of the IFEMA Fair Club hosted on Thursday, March 1, an interesting working breakfast in which representatives and industry experts debated various issues that are dominating the headlines in these times. Here is an extract of the meeting, which will receive more extensive treatment in the next issue of Mercacei Magazine.
2018/02/03 - Located between Avignon and the northern valley of the Luberon, next to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is a beautiful village of just 20,000 inhabitants dominated by the river Sorgue and crossed by canals that resembles a set of tiny islands. Among the beautiful antique shops situated along the canals and attractive wheels that give the city a particular charm, is this establishment dedicated to extra virgin that stars in the Delicatessen section of Mercacei Magazine 93.