2017/01/02 - Dietary patterns of the Mediterranean diet can be related to a lower diagnose of the attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, led by María Izquierdo Pulido, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences of the University of Barcelona, and José Ángel Alda, Head of the area of Psychiatry at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (Barcelona).
2017/31/01 - The Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere Competition is the occasion hosting Veronafiere's new initiative designed to provide knowledge tools to help expand the Italian olive oil sector and exports of quality extra virgin olive oil. There will be four work sessions and registrations are already open. EVOO Days boast the patronage of the Accademia dei Georgofili and the National Olive and Olive Oil Academy. The event will also be attended by the International Olive Council with its Executive Director.
2017/30/01 - The European Commission (EC) has estimated the Community production of olive oil during the first quarter of the year will stand at 888,417 tons, decreasing by 41% regarding the same period of last season. In the case of Spain, production stands at 542,956 tons, compared to the 887,400 tons registered between October and December of the 2015/16 campaign.
2017/27/01 - An exclusive interview with the genius Francis Ford Coppola, a declared enthusiast of EVOO. A stroll through the private collection of centuries-old olive trees of Banco Santander. A gastronomic duel between the Adrià brothers. The revolutionary ideas of Massimo Bottura, chef of the best restaurant in the world in 2016, Osteria Francescana. A tour through the most beautiful boutique estates on the planet. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, you can find all these addictive contents -and many more- in the pages of Olivatessen by Mercacei 2017. What are you waiting for?
2017/26/01 - The sixth edition of Olio Officina Festival will take place from February 2 to 4 at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. This original world event dedicated to EVOO, created and directed by the oleologist, journalist and writer Luigi Caricato, opens once again to unusual themes. If the 2016 edition had the motto "Avant-garde", the leitmotiv of 2017 will be "Energy. Oil in motion." In addition to this, Mercacei will have its own booth where Olivatessen by Mercacei nº3 will be distributed and the EVOOLEUM World's TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Guide will be presented.
2016/25/01 - The World's Best Olive Oils, the prestigious ranking created by expert German taster Heiko Schmidt, prepares a new classification of the world's most award-winning extra virgins based on the results of the main international competitions in the 2016/17 campaign regarding EVOO. EVOOLEUM World's TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils, the International Competition for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils sponsored by Mercacei and AEMO, has raised in its only two editions to the third position of the 15 competitions evaluated to configure the ranking, only behind Mario Solinas Award and Ovibeja.
2016/24/01 - The United States, China, Brazil and Japan have been the main destinations for olive oil and olive pomace oil in October 2016, the first month of the current 2016/17 campaign, according to the latest data from the European Commission (EC). Australia, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey are other countries to which European exports of these products have been directed.
2016/23/01 - The popular saying says that calm precedes the storm, and although this is something that is not always fulfilled, it seems that it is something that can be happening right now in the olive oil sector worldwide.
2016/20/01 - 86.2% of Spanish consumers don't know the content of the legislation on olive oil labeling and packaging in restaurants and hotels, which obliges professionals to present to their customers these oils in properly labeled containers and fitted with a non-refillable stopper, or in single-dose format, with a closure that loses its integrity after the first use.
2016/19/01 - The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, located in Casina de Pio IV in Vatican City (Italy), will host on February 14th an international conference on the renaissance of the Mediterranean Diet and its significance for the world in the 21st century.