2018/06/04 - Associations, Groups and Public and Private entities of the Spanish olive sector will sign on April 10 at the Provincial Council of Jaén, a manifesto in defense of the Sensory Tasting Panel as an indispensable control method of virgin oil. This call arises in response to the meeting held by Asoliva and Anierac in which they expressed the legal uncertainty of this method.
2018/05/04 - Jordan treasures one of the oldest historical olive habitats in the world that represents a deep heritage for Jordanians. The olive sector is one of the most important in the country due to the large volume of investments in this field.
2018/04/04 - The organization of Oleomaq 2019, which will be held from February 26 to March 1 2019, has decided that in this next edition, and for the first time, will grant the Oleomaq Excellence Award for Oil Mills, as well as the Master Miller Award.
2018/03/04 - The City of Venice, Eni, the AVM Group and Veritas have signed an agreement to launch a large-scale experimental project based on the use of the cooking oil of its citizens, transforming it into an organic fuel for the famous "vaporettos" that run through the canals of the Italian city.
2018/02/04 - The Spanish table olives will probably be on the "menu" of Felipe VI in the White House if the meeting between the monarch and US President Donald Trump is confirmed, which is currently being negotiated in the framework of the trip that the Royal House has planned to the United States next June.
2018/23/03 - The largest fair in the world dedicated exclusively to the olive oil sector, the World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE), was able to gather in Madrid around 700 production companies and 4,000 professionals in the olive oil sector of more than 30 nationalities. One of the star-activities inside the wide program was the exclusive presentation of the winners of the EVOOLEUM Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2018/21/03 - The last Leanus-BeBeez analysis sheds some light on the dark business landscape of the Italian olive sector. There are a total of 61 companies with revenues exceeding one million euros, but of these only 19 present profitability and a good risk profile. In addition, the study limits in only eight large companies those that are exclusively dedicated to buying and selling olive oil and determines that they gained 4.15% less in 2016, compared to the previous year.
2018/20/03 - Improve the isolation and absorption of construction materials with the use of carbonized olive bones is the result of an investigation project researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid have just released. This waste of olive oil production also increases the thermal and acoustic properties of the materials.
2018/19/03 - The African country, the fourth largest producer in the continent, is developing a specific strategy to boost and develop its olive sector. This was demonstrated in the framework of Med Mag Oliva 2018, held this month in Algiers. The International Olive Council (IOC) supported this event with the presence of its Executive Director, Abdellatif Ghedira, with whom Mercacei has been able to talk about the present and the future of the Algerian olive sector.
2018/16/03 - After the last report of the Balearic Government on new positive outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa in the Spanish islands, CSIC researcher Blanca Landa, in statements to Mercacei, explained that as samplings are carried out new positives appear in the Balearic Islands and predicts that "in spring and summer it is very likely that many more cases will be detected." Regarding a possible spread of the disease from Alicante to the rest of the peninsula, the expert stresses that "if the infected plants are not eliminated, the risk will always exist, that's why we should never lower our guard".