2017/20/09 - An innovative and different fat reaches the market. Its creator says it could replace palm oil in almost all industrial preparations and other products such as margarine or butter. Its goal is to offer EVOO a leading role in our diet. Behind the name Cremolì, it is a 100% natural fat -made and designed by the Italian company Mida +- composed of more than 80% olive oil and which maintains the beneficial and nutritional properties of this key product in the Mediterranean Diet.
2017/19/09 - From Mercacei we wanted to know first hand the first forecasts of the 2017/18 campaign in one of the main olive oil producing countries. According to the experts consulted, the persistent drought in Italy is hampering the initial expectations of harvest, which, on the contrary, is expected to be "good" in Tunisia from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
2017/18/09 - A Virginia Tech research team discovered that the olive-derived compound oleuropein helps the body secrete more insulin, a central signaling molecule in the body that controls metabolism.
2017/15/09 - A team of researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has found a way to detect who may be the natural predators of the olive fly, through a molecular technique that detects DNA from the fly in the digestive tract of the candidates which is less damaging to the environment.
2017/12/09 - Agro-food Cooperatives Spain, the National Association of Olive Oil Packers and Refiners (Anierac) and the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce Exporter Olive Oil (Asoliva) presented today to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, the Voluntary Reinforced Self-Control System for certain extra virgin olive oils whose objective is to to provide end-customers with guaranteed quality and provide greater legal certainty to the packaging companies.
2017/11/09 - The world production of olive oil will reach 2,937,631 tons in the 2017/18 season, which means an increase by 8.2% regarding to the previous season, according to the report published by the GEA Center of Excellence of Olive Oil and directed by Rafael Cárdenas, responsible for this entity.
2017/08/09 - Following the agreement signed with Messe München, SIMEI will debut on September 11th in Munich (Germany) and will return to Italy in 2019. This exhibition, which will run until September 15th, includes an exhibition on technological excellence, as well as a complete program of educational activities, including international conferences and thematic workshops.
2017/07/09 - McCord Research is launching OliveNet™ Library, a new website to encourage collaboration among scientists around the world who conduct olive-related research.
2017/06/09 - Producers from Rio Grande do Sul and other Brazilian states are moving forward in a project to create the Brazilian Institute of Olive Growing (Ibraoliva), whose objective is to promote the development of the country's olive sector, strengthening the producers' efforts.
2017/05/09 - The Argentinean town of San Juan is hosting from today until September 8th the seventh edition of the International Olive Meeting, ArgOliva, a contest whose goal is to promote one of the most outstanding productive sectors of this province and in which will take place numerous activities such as competitions, business meetings, professional days and tastings, among others.