2018/20/04 - Scientific studies carried out by the International Olive Council (IOC) point out that the production of olive oil is beneficial not only for our health, but also for the environment. These projects, still provisional, indicate that the world production of olive oil could absorb the CO2 emissions of a city of more than seven million inhabitants such as Hong Kong.
2018/19/04 - From the 16th to the 19th of May, the XIX edition of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair (Córdoba) will return in force to welcome more than a hundred exhibitors from the olive sector who will meet in an edition with a marked multidisciplinary and international character. The celebration of the II Extra Virgin Hall will be highlighted, which will allow visitors to discover the best EVOOs in the world recognized by the EVOOLEUM Awards International Competition.
2018/18/04 - We start with this newsletter, a journey through the most important coaches and elaiologists in the world. The commitment to quality in the production of extra virgin olive oils seems unstoppable. Quality in all phases of the process, from the field to the table. We know the theory, the protocol, but what are the keys to developing a High-end EVOO? Italian journalist Duccio Morozzo della Rocca, owner and director of The Olive Bureau and Japan Olive Bureau tries to unveil these secrets in the first release of this series.

2018/17/04 - Foodpairing is the new religion for chefs, and also for EVOO. It allows them to combine science and cooking, to combine the bitter with the spicy, the sweet with the acid. Its creator, the Belgian Bioengineer Bernard Lahouse, tells Mercacei that with this method they are breaking down barriers and dismantling the traditional conceptions that we had established until now. For this reason, its website is today the bible of Michelin-star chefs with and a must when it comes to creating new gastronomic creations.

2018/16/04 - According to the latest report from ICEX, the per capita consumption of olive oil in Australia has doubled in recent years, while in New Zealand it has become fashionable thanks to the dissemination of its health benefits and the rising disposable incomes. Quality EVOOs with attractive packaging have many possibilities to succeed in two markets with high-growth forecasts.
2018/13/04 - Ready, Set, Go! Next Monday begins Alimentaria, the Trade Show for Food, Beverages and Food Service (Barcelona, ​​April 16-19), an unmissable event of the International food sector that, thanks to its alliance with Hostelco, will bring together 4,500 companies and 150,000 professionals, 27% of them international. The space dedicated to EVOO will have a record participation, with the exhibition of 122 extra virgins, and will be a true reflection of an increasingly diverse market and with a greater number of products that compete in the Premium segment.
2018/12/04 - Yesterday came into force a package of measures approved by the European Parliament (EP) for the food industry to reduce in its products the component named Acrylamide, whose carcinogenic effects have been demonstrated in several animal studies. The use of olive oil for cooking and frying, defined by a higher boiling point, is ideal to adapt to this European legislation.
2018/11/04 - The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Environment has confirmed the first case of Xylella fastidiosa in an olive tree located in a private estate in Villarejo de Salvanés. Immediately, the Community of Madrid has activated an action plan. In statements to Mercacei, Alejandro Benito, Director of the Department of Applied Research and Agrarian Extension of IMIDRA, has conveyed a message of caution to the olive sector, since, he says, they are working as quickly as possible and they will not spare resources to contain the situation.
2018/10/04 - The Provincial Council of Jaen has hosted this morning a major signature of a manifesto in defense of the Sensory Tasting Panel as an indispensable control method of virgin oil. This call arises in response to the meeting held by Asoliva and Anierac in which they expressed the legal uncertainty of this method. Associations, Groups, producers and Public and Private entities of the Spanish olive oil sector show their unanimous support for this method and stress the need to stick together to jointly promote extra virgin olive oil.
2018/09/04 - An Operative Group coordinated by Innovaoleo works on the innovation project Innoleaf, whose objective is the integral use of the olive leaf, an industrial by-product that generates annually in Andalusia alone 514,345 tons. Its main challenge will be to obtain products with high added value for the international animal nutrition market.