2018/09/05 - A report by Coldiretti presented at Cibus 2018 confirms the record growth of global olive oil consumption in the world that, in a single generation -25 years-, has increased by almost 49%. For the organization, the food pattern of the citizens of many countries is changing towards the Mediterranean Diet since it was declared a World Heritage Property by UNESCO.
2018/08/05 - World production for this campaign was estimated in November 2017 at 2,988,500 tons, but according to the most recent figures received by the International Olive Council (IOC), production will stand at around 3,271,000 tons, which means an increase by 27% (+697 000 tons) compared to the previous crop year.
2018/07/05 - An article by Dr. Rayda Ben Ayed, published in Jus d'Olive, reveals the advances of her research work to develop an unprecedented process through which the DNA present in olive oil samples can be decoded and, therefore, reveal its origin. The results obtained will allow to provide a genetic identity to the product with precision, speed and low cost.
2018/04/05 - The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) held its annual meeting and trade show on April 27 - 28 in Monterey with over 190 growers, producers, and service providers in attendance. The meeting included business, research, and legislative updates, sensory sessions, and grower workshops, highlighting a forecast of 20,000 additional acres to be planted by the end of 2020 on the current 40,000 acres noting the dramatic increase in demand for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2018/03/05 - In the framework of its 51st meeting held in Amman, the Advisory Committee of the International Olive Council (IOC) reaffirmed the validity of the Sensory Tasting Panel for the organoleptic evaluation of virgin olive oils, requesting their enhanced application and protection against "false reports that do not help the sector or our organism."
2018/27/04 - On May 2 starts in Montreal SIAL Canada 2018, the leading event of the agri-food industry in the North American country. In this edition, Spain will be the guest of honor, which makes this event a great showcase for Spanish cuisine, in which extra virgin olive oil will have a privileged place. ICEX Spain Exports and Investments organizes the participation of more than 55 Spanish companies in the event.
2018/26/04 - Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has said in Brussels that he expects the EU to increase the Tunisian olive oil quota and even eliminate the quota system. This regime was established in 2016 to allow the entry of 35,000 tons of this product into the community block for two years.
2018/25/04 - The agreement abolishes customs duties for the vast majority of goods and simplifies bureaucratic procedures. For the olive sector this is a positive news that offers opportunities for exports of olive oil, among other products, to a market that has 127 million consumers.
2018/24/04 - Olivacoin intends to become the new platform for the sale of olive oil at the B2B level for operators in the sector, which will allow greater agility, profitability, liquidity and disintermediation thanks to the integration of its own Blockchain and an Internet of Things technology (IoT), materialised in an analytical traceability system for olive oil. The professor of the University of Seville, Ismael Santiago, coordinator of this project, has explained in detail to Mercacei what this system -that will be launched in May- is and how it will affect the olive sector.

Elaiologists, the New Coaches (vol.2): Mar Luna

We follow with this newsletter, a journey through the most important coaches and elaiologists in the world. The commitment to quality in the production of extra virgin olive oils seems unstoppable. Quality in all phases of the process, from the field to the table. We know the theory, the protocol, but what are the keys to developing a High-end EVOO? Mar Luna, Director of the European Tasting School (EEC) offers us her vision in the second release of this series.