2016/08/11 - "The Days of Young Olive Oil" in the tourist town of Vodnjan (Croatia) have become a must for producers and operators of the Croatian olive sector. The 12th edition of this event will be held from 18 to 20 November.
2016/07/11 - Mercacei, the publishing company that has set the standard in the olive oil sector, with over 20 years of experience, has launched the EVOOLEUM Guide of the world’s best 100 EVOOs, known as the EVOOLEUM Awards, International Prizes for Quality in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organized by Mercacei and the Spanish Association of Olive Producing Municipalities (AEMO, in its Spanish acronym).
2016/04/11 - Isabel García Tejerina continues in charge of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture in the new government appointed yesterday by the President of Spanish Government, Marino Rajoy. This department will change its name from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment to Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment.
2016/03/11 - The company Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) announced that it is integrating its NFC SpeedTap™ tags in the packaging of Italian olive oil brands to enable product authentication, enhance consumer engagement, and fuel online sales.
2016/02/11 - Spain, the first global producer and exporter, has increases its extra-EU exports of olive oil and olive pomace oil by 20% in the first 11 months of 2015/16 (October 2015-August 2016), compared to the previous crop year, says the last report of the International Olive Council (IOC).
2016/31/10 - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax (Tunisia) will organize between 9 and 11 November the "International Olive Oil Business Meetings", an event in which importers and buyers will meet the Tunisian olive sector.
2016/28/10 - The Spanish Roundtable of the Sector of Olive Oil and Table Olives, discussed yesterday at a meeting chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama), the market data at September 30, from which it follows that there has been an increase in marketing levels in the recently concluded 2015/16 Campaign, which has been characterized by a positive market performance, with an increase of 5% in exports compared to the previous season, which meant that total traded amount increased by 4% regarding the previous season.
2016/27/10 - BIOL Prize promotes Biolnovello, a contest reserved for extra virgin organic olive oils of the new season, or, in the countries of the Mediterranean produced before November 15 of each year.
2016/26/10 - The Andalusian Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Carmen Ortiz, has presented today in Jaen the Official Forecast for the 2016/17 olive harvest. Regarding olives for olive oil production, Andalusia expects 5,343,700 tons of which 1,108,400 tons will turn into olive oil, representing a slight decrease by 0.8% regarding the previous season and an increase of 8.6% regarding the average of the last five seasons. Speaking of Spain, a total of 1.38 million tons are expected.
2016/25/10 - Researchers, producers, professional tasters and political representatives of Regulatory Boards of PDOs and of the International Olive Council (IOC) attended today at the Reina Sofía National Art Museum in Madrid to the presentation of the first collection of olive oil tasting items designed for the consumer. This is a project developed by Elaia Zait, certified by AENOR as a Young Innovative Company, and led by the University of Jaen (UJA).