2017/16/02 - The International Exhibition of Wine-Growing and Cellar Techniques & Olive-Growing and Olive Oil Technologies, Enolitech, attracts growing numbers of exhibitors from around the world at the same time as expanding its trade fields: from increasingly customized information technology to innovative equipment and materials, from services to environmental-friendly technical systems.
2017/15/02 - The olive oil market has grown significantly in the United Kingdom over the last few decades. Although consumption is much lower than in Spain, more and more Britons know and cook with this product, according to a study by ICEX Spain Exports and Investments.
2017/14/02 - Several international olive oil consultants and experts offer us an analysis on how the olive oil campaign is being developed in Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Portugal and Spain. The predominant note: a decrease in production and generalized increase in prices.
2017/13/02 - Nutritionists and dietitians in the United States have been able to learn about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil within the framework of the annual conference "Healthy Cooking, Healthy Lives," which for more than a decade has been erected as one of the main forums on food, nutrition and health in the US.
2017/10/02 - More than 672,000 hectares of organic olive groves were cultivated globally in 2015, compared to the 627,008 hectares cultivated a year earlier, accounting for 6.5% of the total area of this crop, according to the 18th edition of the "World of Organic Agriculture, a report published by the Organic Agriculture Research Institute (FiBL) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

2017/09/02 - We have just launched Mercacei Magazine 90, an issue in which we immerse ourselves in the feminine universe of extra virgin olive oil by means of eleven professional women committed to the olive sector, of which Spain is the leader both in surface and in production. Looking back, we must not forget the role of women in the history of olive cultivation and its important work in the field of agronomy, olive oil production, biology, research, chemistry, engineering, tasting or design, plots in which they have made their way, demonstrating day by day their passion for extra virgin olive oil, flagship of the Spanish gastronomy and one of the most valuable foods of the Mediterranean Diet.

2017/08/02 - The extraction of the oil generates a high volume of vegetal residue with which the research group led by the professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Barcelona (UB) Marta Cascante has contributed to develop a new additive for the health and food sectors thanks to its antioxidant and antiproliferative properties. The project, transferred to the company Biomaslínic, has been awarded with the Antoni Caparrós Prize for the best project for the transfer of knowledge, technology and innovation.

2017/07/02 - The global consumption of table olives in recent years has multiplied by 2,7, increasing by 182.0% over the period 1990/91–2016/17, according to data from the International Olive Council (IOC).

2017/06/02 - A research project, developed under the Olive Oil MBA of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) and executed under the scientific prescription of professor and strategic consultant Juan Vilar, has concluded that the most productive olive groves in the world, regarding 56 producing countries, are those in Spain, with an average of 530 kg. of oil per hectare for the last 10 campaigns.
2016/03/02 - The Studies University of Bari "Aldo Moro" and the Polytechnic of Bari, in collaboration with several companies of Puglia (MBL Solutions S.R.L., Auriga S.P.A.; DE.OL. S.R.L.; Olearia Pazienza S.R.L.; y Promis Biotech S.R.L), organized the past December the first demonstration workshop of the innovative ultrasonic system for the extraction of extra virgin olive oil in oil-mill, a result of the project Perform Tech, financed by the Puglia region, thanks to the support of the Regional Technological Cluster for Innovation.