2017/19/12 - After the success of the first two editions, Mercacei and AEMO have announced the third edition of the EVOOLEUM World’s TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils International Competition. A unique contest endowed with the utmost rigor that recognizes each campaign the 100 best extra virgins in the world -as well as publish and disseminate its results through the exclusive EVOOLEUM World's TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide-, which in 2018 introduces new features. The deadline for registration and receipt of samples will remain open until February 20th, 2018.
2017/06/11 - Brazilian imports of olive oil and olive-pomace oil have increased by 19% during the last campaign 2016/17, reaching 60,139.9 tones compared to the previous season, although this increase has not recovered the average levels of last four seasons. Regarding the origin of imports, 84% of the total come from European countries, mainly Portugal (57%, with 34,208.6 t.), Spain (20%, with 12,226.2 t.), Italy ( 6%, with 3,800 tons) and Greece (1%, with 308.78 tons), while the remaining 16% comes from Argentina (9%, with 5,379 t.), Chile (6%, 3,670 t.) and other countries such as Morocco, Peru, Tunisia or Lebanon, according to data from the International Olive Council (IOC).
2017/03/11 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are developing a strategic assistance program to boost the olive oil sector in Tunisia, one of its main agricultural products and, as such, strategic for the African country. In an interview with Mercacei, Lisa Paglietti, an economist who works in the Africa Service of the FAO Investment Center, reveals the objectives of this project which she also leads, as well as the future strategies of the Tunisian olive sector.
2017/02/11 - A delegation of Peruvian olive sector entrepreneurs from the Peruvian association Pro Olivo was received by the Executive Secretariat of the International Olive Council (IOC) on 13 October. During the meeting, which was presided by Deputy Executive Director Mustapha Sepetçi, the heads of the IOC Departments and Units presented the Council's activities, according to the request made by the delegation.
2017/31/10 - The Mora City Council (Toledo), the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche (Alicante), the University of Almería, Gesreman S.L. and the Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree (AEMO) participate in the European project Life + "ReGrow: Recovery of abandoned rafts of olive oil waste using biorecovery strategies in a circular economy environment".

2017/30/10 - A century of existence, a privileged mind and an overflowing vitality. Belonging to one of the most important families in Italy, the President of Gruppo Valbruna and Amenduni Nicola SpA, a tireless storyteller and former film producer, conquers for his humility and simplicity. We are, without doubt, before a unique persone. A true life lesson that we will publish in our next Mercacei Magazine 93. Here we leave you a sneak peek.

2017/27/10 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will organize a Conference on Technological Innovation in the Olive Oil Sector in Tunisia on 17 November about current and future technologies for the production of high-quality olive oils in this country.
2017/26/10 - In 2016, olive oil ranked third product in Spanish food exports to China, only behind pork meat and wine. It is a sector with significant potential in this country, where there is a strong market and a growing demand for healthy products. In addition, their interest in olive growing is increasing and the development of the olive industry in the Asian giant is playing a prominent role. But what do we know about the olive oil taster's work in China? We reveal it in an exclusive interview with Henry Lin, trained in Italy and one of the few Chinese tasters currently available.
2017/25/10 - The Ministries of Economy and Agriculture of Israel have agreed the extension of the quotas free of taxes to the import of olive oil in the country. This decision follows the lack of consensus during the current course, which has led to the non-granting of such quotas, according to the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Israel.
2017/24/10 - October finds olive oil producers throughout California dusting off equipment, monitoring oil content and preparing for harvest. As the state begins what is expected to be an unprecedented harvest, mother nature challenged the course of events in several oil-producing regions with wildfires in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake counties and beyond. Overall the industry is expecting only minor setbacks.