BIOL Innova 2018, a space dedicated to research on olive oil: deadline extended

BIOL Innova 2018, a space dedicated to research on olive oil: deadline extended

2017/04/12 - The next edition of BIOL Innova, to be held in Ostuni (Italy) on March 18, will present the latest technological research works on the sustainability of the olive oil production chain.
This contest has extended its terms of participation until December 18, so that interested researchers and professors can send their work before this deadline.

It is, according to the organizers, a window for the permanent exhibition of experimentation and research activities within the olive oil production chain and, in addition, will host different exhibitors, where it will be possible to consult these initiatives.

In this edition, BIOL Innova aims to promote a fluid dialogue between the protagonists and the potential users of the research work in the olive sector, with the aim of promoting their knowledge and exchanging points of view.

In line with the objectives of the BIOL Award -recompensating and improving sustainability in the olive oil sector-, the requirements of BIOL Innova for the presentation of research work are, among others, that the research program has been developed with criteria of economic, environmental and social sustainability and does not incorporate the use of GMOs; or that the activity of experimentation and research in the field and in the olive grove has given as fruit an organic EVOO suitable to be presented to the international tasting panel of BIOL.

In addition, the organizers have established that the submitted works (via mail) must be the result of experimental research at any stage of the supply chain, and may not be subject to commercial activity.

Finally, the selected research works will be exposed to the attending public during the exhibition.
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