New Reinforced Self-Control System for EVOO

New Reinforced Self-Control System for EVOO

2017/12/09 - Agro-food Cooperatives Spain, the National Association of Olive Oil Packers and Refiners (Anierac) and the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce Exporter Olive Oil (Asoliva) presented today to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, the Voluntary Reinforced Self-Control System for certain extra virgin olive oils whose objective is to to provide end-customers with guaranteed quality and provide greater legal certainty to the packaging companies.

The implementation of this self-control system requires a product verification system, which will be carried out by entities accredited by ENAC with food outreach, physical-chemical and organoleptic analyzes by laboratories that carry out official controls, the existence of procedures establishing the specific requirements for self-monitoring and traceability systems and the creation of a specific database in the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture that will collect all the information on the extra virgin olive oil packers and oils that participate in this system.

As stated by these organizations, the procedure for registering a batch in this self-control system begins when the packer forms the batch, either packed or in bulk in a single tank already ready for its commercialization before packaging. This lot will have a maximum size of 1,000,000 kilos.

Subsequently, the packer will inform the entity accredited by ENAC selected by him, who will take the representative and homogeneous sample of the corresponding lot. This sample will then be sent to the laboratory chosen for its analysis.

If the result of these analyzes concludes that the oil complies with all the physical-chemical and organoleptic requirements established in the current regulations and in the self-control system, the data will finally be incorporated into the Ministry's database.

Any entity represented by Anierac, Asoliva and Agro-food Cooperatives Spain can be voluntarily accepted.

How long is it valid?
The application of this Self-Control System will be established temporarily, for a limited period of two olive oil campaigns since its start-up. During that time period, or once it has elapsed, and as a result of the monitoring carried out by the public administrations, it can be extended, modify or finalise it.

During his speech, the President of Anierac, Gonzalo Guillén, stressed "the importance of the implementation of a system such as this in the national market, which undoubtedly will mean a significant advance in the marketing of those extra virgin olive oils that join this system."

On the other hand, the Managing Director of Asoliva, Rafael Picó, has stated that "the olive oil bottling and exporting sector continually suffers accusations of fraud resulting from discrepancies in the results of the tasting, which entails serious consequences for the companies in the sector -due to the legal insecurity that this represents- as for the consumer because of the mistrust that is generated regarding the quality of the oil."

According to Picó, so far, "complementary methods to the test panel have not achieved the desired results and therefore this Self-Control System is an major step for the improvement of the commercialization of these oils."

In turn, the President of the Olive Oil Sector of Agro-food Cooperatives Spain, Rafael Sánchez de Puerta, explained that "the system has more demanding analytical criteria than those established in the current legislation, in order to offer a greater guarantee."

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