The Multiplex subspecies is the cause of the Xylella fastidiosa outbreak detected in Alicante, genome analysis says

The Multiplex subspecies is the cause of the Xylella fastidiosa outbreak detected in Alicante, genome analysis says

2017/11/07 - The Minister of Agriculture of Valencia, Elena Cebrián, presented yesterday before the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, and the representatives of the Autonomous Communities at the Sectoral Conference held in Madrid the situation after the detection of the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa in Alicante and the performances carried out since the confirmation of the outbreak in the municipality of Castell de Guadalest.

As a new feature, the genomic analysis requested to the laboratory of the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture of the CSIC in Córdoba has assigned to the Multiplex subspecies the cause of the detected outbreak.

It has done so after analyzing 10 samples of almond DNA confirmed as positive for Xylella fastidiosa by the National Reference Laboratory of Phytopathogenic Bacteria, which is the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research (IVIA).

According to the Valencian councilor, the allocation to Multiplex strain will allow a better focus on inspections and monitoring of the group of plants most susceptible to this subspecies such as plum, peach, oak, banana or cranberry, as well as almond.

Cebrián explained the measures taken to prevent the dissemination of this deseas, as is the perimeter and the fumigation of the affected area in 150 meters in the round; the eradication of trees and detailed surveys in 100 m. around, and the immobilization of the vegetal material in a radius of 10 km., an area where they are carrying out, in addition, visual surveys and a wide sampling of vegetal material.

Referring to the IVIA, Cebrián warned that the Valencian institute may need more support at this stage, as the number of controls and analytical required increases. In his opinion, this increase is foreseeable because in all the Autonomous Communities the protocols of monitoring of the disease are being activated.

The holder of Valencian Agriculture also stressed the need for the Government of Spain to play an active role in coordinating actions, communication with the Autonomous Communities and support where more technical or personal means are needed in relation to the entry of this bacterium in the Peninsula.

In addition, Cebrián insisted on the need for a specific financial envelope for the research on prevention and treatment of diseases caused by Xylella fastidiosa, on crops and Mediterranean species, taking into account the particular environmental conditions of the various Spanish growing areas.

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