Almazaras de la Subbética, S.C.A. sweeps the board in the 2016/17 edition of 'World's Best Olive Oils'

Almazaras de la Subbética, S.C.A. sweeps the board in the 2016/17 edition of "World's Best Olive Oils"

2017/07/07 - Spain continues to impose its hegemony in the 2016/17 edition of the ranking "World's Best Olive Oils", the most prestigious -and objective- in the world. 7 of the 10 most awarded EVOOs in the world are Spanish. And 13 appear in the TOP20. The company from Córdoba Almazaras de la Subbética, S.C.A. stands as the great winner of this year being the absolute winner in the four classifications: Best Global and Organic EVOO of the world thanks to Rincón de la Subbética Hojiblanco and World's Best Mill -conventional and organic- an unprecedented success in the five editions of this ranking. The podium of the Best EVOOs in the world is completed by the Italian Tréfort (Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm) and Oro del Desierto Coupage Organic (Rafael Alonso Aguilera, S.L.), which is also proclaimed second best organic extra virgin in the world.

The success of Almazaras de la Subbética is unquestionable, not only because of the fact -already impressive- that it occupies the first place in all classifications, but because of the great distance marked with its persecutors. After four consecutive years repeating as the best EVOO in the world, the hegemony of Venta del Barón (Muela-Olives, S.L.) comes to an end, placing itself in this edition in the seventh place. On the front, the Italian Tréfort -also proclaimed as the World's Best EVOO in the EVOOLEUM Awards, which remains the third most valued despite having only two years of life- by Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm, occupies the second step of the podium with 200 points -far from the 244 points of Rincon de la Subbética Hojiblanco- followed closely by Oro del Desierto Coupage Organic (193), by Rafael Alonso Aguilera, S.L.

The exclusive TOP10 is complemented by four Spanish extra virgins - Reserva Familiar Picual (Aceites Oro Bailén Galgón 99, S.L., #4), Morellana (Sucesores de Hermanos López, S.A., #5), Bravoleum Picual (Explotaciones Jame, S.L., #6) and El Empiedro (Olivarera la Purísima, S.C.A., #8)-; another Italian -Don Gioacchino (Azienda Agricola Leone Sabino, #9h)-; and a Portuguese EVOO -Oliveira da Serra Lagar do Marmelo (Sociedade Agricola Vale do Ouro, S.A., #10). In the list of the 20 most awarded EVOOs in the world, there are six other Spanish juices: Knolive Epicure (Knolive Oils, S.L., #12), Tuccioliva (San Amador, S.C.A., #13), Parqueoliva Serie Oro (Almazaras de la Subbética, S.C.A., #14 -Second in the last edition-), Reserva Familiar Picual Arbequina (Aceites Oro Bailén Galgón 99, S.L., #17), Hispasur Gold (Knolive Oils, S.L. which also doubles, #19) and Oleum Hispania Pajarero (Molino Virgen de Fátima, S.L., #20 ). On the other hand, Italy and Portugal contribute with two more representatives each: Ortice Riserva (Frantoio Romano, s.r.l., #11), Rosmaninho Cobrançosa (Cooperativa de Olivicultores de Valpaços, #15), Oliveira da Serra Gourmet (Sociedade Olivícola F.A. Callado, S.A., #16) and 100% Italian Coratina by Olio di Dievole, s.r.l. (#18).

By countries, the dictatorship of the Spanish EVOOs is endorsed once again by placing no less than 35 extra virgins -of a total of 54- in the ranking. Spain (12), Portugal (6) and Argentina (1) are behind Spain, and the representatives of Uruguay and Greece have disappeared regarding the 2015/16 edition.

World's Best Organic Olive Oils 2016/17
In the ranking "World's Best Organic Olive Oils", headed by the ubiquitous Rincón de la Subbética Hojiblanco with 256 points, Morellana descends from the first place conquered in the previous edition, to the third (192); while Oro del Desierto Coupage Organic -winner of the 2014/15 edition in this category- ascends to the second step with 205 points after being in the fifth place in 2016. The TOP10, with a clear Hispanic accent, is completed by five other organic EVOOs Made In Spain: Castillo de Canena Biodinámico Picual (Castillo de Canena Olive Juice, S.L., #4), Soler Romero Primer Día de Campaña (Alcanova, #7), Vieiru DOP Gata-Hurdes Orgánico (Almazara As Pontis Agropecuaria Carrasco, S.L., #8), Pago de Quirós (Oleo Quirós, S.L., #9) and Abbae de Queiles (Hacienda Queiles, S.L., #10).

Italy loses its hegemony when it comes to organic juices, although it holds the unstoppable boom of Spanish organic extra virgins -each country adds 12 EVOOs in the TOP25, along with Croatian Ex Albis of OPG Chiavalon (#13), which repeats its presence.- Nevertheless, eight of the 10 juices of the TOP10 are Spanish and only two come from the transalpine country: Olivastro (#5) and Superbo (#6), both from the same company, Az. Agr. Quattrociocchi Americo. It must be noted that, in the previous edition, Italy placed 15 juices in the TOP25 against eight Spanish ones, who nevertheless held the top five positions in the ranking. Therefore, the only Italian redoubt, the organic extra virgin category, is no longer such, at least in this edition.

World's Best (& Organic) Olive Oil Mills 2016/17
In the ranking of the best mills in the world, Almazaras de la Subbética, S.C.A., repeats its success being the absolute winner with 417 points. It is followed by 90 points away by the Italian Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm (327), another of the great absolute winners, completing the podium Aceites Oro Bailén Galgón 99, S.L. with 313 points. In the TOP10 there are five other Spanish mills -for a total of seven in the top 10-, another Italian and a Portuguese one: Castillo de Canena Olive Juice, S.L., Explotaciones Jame, S.L., Rafael Alonso Aguilera, S.L., Muela-Olives, S.L., Masía el Altet, S.L., Cooperativa de Olivicultores de Valpaços and Franci, s.n.c. With 13 and eight oil mills, respectively, Spain and Italy are distributed almost entirely in the TOP25, in which there is also Uruguayan (Agroland, S.A.), Chilean (Agricola Pobena, S.A.) and Australian-Northamerican representation (Cobram Estate-Boundary Bend).

Like last year, the Carcabuey mill also leads the ranking "World's Best Organic Olive Oil Mills 2016/17" with 299 points, completing the podium Rafael Alonso Aguilera, S.L. (265) and the Tuscan Domenica Fiore (199). In total, in the TOP25 of the Best Organic Olive Oil mills in the World there are 11 Spanish, some Italians -registering a new tie, as in the "World's Best Olive Olive Oils" ranking- two Americans -the Californians Organic Roots Olive Oil and Enzo Olive Oil Company- and a Croatian -the already mentioned OPG Chiavalon, from Istria.- If we reduce the spectrum, Italy and Spain monopolize the TOP10, with six and four mills, respectively.

Ranking of Competitions
Created in 2012 by expert German expert taster Heiko Schmidt, from the results of the main international competitions of extra virgin olive oil in both hemispheres, the ranking "World's Best Olive Oils" has been consolidated edition after edition thanks to its objectivity and reliability in the compilation and classification of the results obtained in the most important contests and competitions worldwide, that is, those using internationally recognized methods and standards to evaluate the organoleptic properties of extra virgin olive oils, taking as reference the Mario Solinas Award of the International Olive Council (IOC) as "the most strict in the world regarding international competition."

In order to elaborate this year's ranking, the same procedure has been followed as in previous editions, considering a total of 15 competitions and prizes: Mario Solinas Award, Ovibeja, EVOOLEUM Awards, Expoliva, ArgOliva, Sol D'Oro, Leone D'Oro, Armonia, Oil China, L'Orciolo D'Oro, BIOL Prize Internazionale -just for the ranking of organic EVOOs- Athena International Olive Oil Competition, SIAL Olive D'Or, Olive Japan and Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.

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