Innovation reigns in the best edition of the history of Expoliva

Innovation reigns in the best edition of the history of Expoliva

2017/16/05 - The presentation of innovations by public and private institutions, as well as companies in the olive sector has been the absolute protagonist of the XVIII International Fair of Olive Oil and Related Industries, Expoliva, which closed its doors last May 13th as the best edition of its History and consolidating its hegemony as a benchmark of the olive sector in the international arena.
On the last day of Expoliva, Ferias Jaén did the balance of this edition with figures that have surpassed already optimistic expectations at the beginning of the event. "And it is that knowing the amount of tickets each day, we were seeing the spectacular increase in all possible quantifiable parameters, without counting the 340 exhibitors and more than 923 companies represented, we must add an influx of mass audiences to Ifeja, which has turned Expoliva 2017 in the best edition to date," said Angel Vera, chairman of the Board of Directors of Ferias Jaén.

In his speech, Vera -who was accompanied by Juan Balbín, delegate of Agriculture and president of the Fundación del Olivar- said that adding the forecasts that the organization managed for Saturday to the 44,204 registered visitors until Friday at eight o'clock in the afternoon, "it is estimated that, at the end of the exhibition, 52,000 to 54,000 people will have passed through Expoliva, thus overcoming the 48,890 visitors of the previous edition, since the most favorable forecasts predict a growth of 11%."

This edition of the fair has also meant an improvement over the 2015 edition in terms of international presence. International exhibitors from Germany, Slovenia, France, England, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Tunisia and Turkey have increased from 31 to 37. According to the organizers, if the increase in visitors is remarkable, as for foreign professionals who have visited Expoliva, the improvement has been "spectacular". In this sense, they have gone from the 3,353 during 2015 to 3,778 in this edition, whereas regarding 2013, the increase has been of 45%. "We can confirm the presence of 62 countries, including the 57 oil producing countries of the world, from countries as diverse as Australia, Montenegro, Uruguay, Japan, Ukraine, Namibia, China, Chile or New Zealand, among others," says Vera.

Likewise, the media impact of Expoliva has also been very important with 115 accredited media and 385 national and international journalists, according to figures from the organization.

"It is not surprising that from the organization, after the figures mentioned, we are fully satisfied with the results, since Expoliva remains the most important event in the international sector," said Vera, while stressing that "these figures are the result of a very hard work by Ferias Jaén, since this year, in addition, we have increased the number of spaces available."

According to the president of the board of directors of Ferias Jaén, "another of the big bets of Expoliva and the main reason for this sample is to establish lines of business for the participating companies, which has justified the holding of three trade missions organized by Extenda, The Andalusian Energy Agency, Diputación de Jaén and the Chamber of Commerce of Linares." In these missions, a total of 703 commercial meetings were held between buyers and sellers of oil and oil derivatives, machinery and technology transfer. Specifically, the 32 buying companies came from 12 different countries and in them have participated 60 companies from Jiennenses producers and packers of olive oil and oil products.

Regarding the Scientific-Technical Symposium, Balbín reported an increase by 31.16% in the number of participants, with 1,751 registrations and a total of 224 papers, 5% more than in the previous edition.

On the other hand, "one of the main attractions of Expoliva is the celebration of the most consolidated Expoliva Extra Virgin Room, which has reached its sixth edition this year and where they have finally exposed the 161 best olive oils in the world, qualified as premium oils And has been visited by 5,648 accredited professionals, which has allowed an increase of 65.77% over 2015," said Balbín

"With this edition, we consider that we have set the bar very high and we will start working now to exceed the offer we have launched in Expoliva 2017," concluded Vera.
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