QvExtra! International and CEQ-Italia are looking for a Communication Agency for promotional campaign in the US and Japan

QvExtra! International and CEQ-Italia are looking for a Communication Agency for promotional campaign in the US and Japan

2017/18/04 - QvExtra! International and the Consorzio di Garanzia dell'olio Extravergine di Qualità (CEQ-Italia) are in the process of searching a communication agency as responsible for the development of their high-quality European EVOO promotion campaign in two high-growth markets: the United States and Japan.

During 2016 both entities received an important grant from the European Commission (EC) to promote extra virgin olive oil and their SIQEV quality seal -which certifies that the oil maintains all its properties and organoleptic characteristics during the Period of preferential consumption- in different markets. This grant is worth 1 million euros, of which the EC finances 80%.

The promotional campaign will be carried out over the next three years and aims to promote the penetration of European EVOO in both destination countries.

The proposal, whose deadline for submission will end on May 15th, will consist of a "structured and coherent" marketing campaign that includes communication and training activities tailored to each country.

The activities should focus on increasing awareness of the nutritional, sensory and health benefits of extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, in order to increase the value perceived by the final consumer.

Thus, according to these objectives, this campaign must convey that extra virgin olive oil is the juice of a fruit and as such has to preserve a variety of scents and flavors that come from the different varieties of olive; the bouquet of fragrances and the final consumer’s appreciation of the product depends on the quality of the production process and storage; all operators are responsible for ensuring its integrity until it reaches the final consumer; a high quality extra virgin olive oil has many nutritional properties and is
valuable for a balanced diet though all the different stages of life; its health-giving properties are a good reason to introduce it into everyone’s diet and its properties
as a dressing in terms of taste reduce the quantity consumed on a daily basis compared to other fats; when manufacturers and operators agree to respect very strict rules and
requirements for quality and undergo stringent controls by an independent body, the consumer and sector operators have significant guarantees that the extra virgin olive oil is of a high standard.

The actions to be developed include training courses for cooking schools; dinners; training and promotion activities in stores; as well as booths at main trade shows.

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