2017/24/02 - Community exports of olive oil in 2016 amounted to € 2.681 billion, representing an increase by 19% over the previous year, when they stood at € 2,256 million, according to the latest report on agri-food trade of the European Commission (EC).
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2017/20/02 - Hundreds of samples of EVOOs from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Chile or South Africa have already been submitted to the EVOOLEUM World's TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Competition, whose deadline is on February 28. In order to strengthen the international character of this edition, the organization of EVOOLEUM has signed agreements with the ONAOO - Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio D'Oliva -a worldwide reference in extra virgin olive oil tasting-; QvExtra! International, CEQ-Italia; and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with PDO Sectorial, an initiative that adds to the intense promotion carried out in the most important media in Spain and Italy. Is your EVOO registered? Only 8 days left to apply...
2016/18/01 - Following the success of the first edition of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Contest EVOOLEUM WORLD'S TOP100 EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS, José María Penco, AEMO project manager, and Juan A. Peñamil, editor and CEO of Mercacei, unveil in the following interview the reasons why extra virgin olive oil producers must participate in a contest that guarantees the maximum promotion and international visibility of their EVOOs. Come and read...
2016/09/12 - After the success of the first edition, which has materialized in an exclusive Guide recognized by the entire sector around the world, the EVOOLEUM WORLD'S TOP100 EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS International Competition, sponsored by Mercacei and AEMO, has opened its registration period. But, between profusion of international competitions with EVOO as the protagonist, why choosing EVOOLEUM? These four reasons will certanly convince you.